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I have a single 12" american bass godfather DVC 1ohm subwoofer and a Audiopipe 1800.1d mono amplifier to power the sub. Head unit is typical pioneer deh3500 model. This is in a 06 Ford Escape XLT,  needing suggestions and ideas on a box build for this setup. I'm open to any idea's except, sealed enclosures. Seems to look like it'll be easier to blow a sub using a sealed enclosure .  Keep in mind the Escape is my daily driver. Thank yall for any tips or ideas.

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  • RMS Power: 3000watts
  • Ohm load: Dual 1 / Dual 2
  • SPL sensitivity: 89.2 / 90.1
  • Mounting Depth: 8.46"
  • Cut out size: 11.33"
  • Suggest Ported box: 2.25 - 2.75 cubes
  • Magnet Size: 450 oz.
  • Voice Coil Size: 4"
  • Basket Type: Cast

going by the specs ,just make a box thats the suggested size. as far as how to make a box . that is determined by if you an cut wood and measure. 

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