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Found 35 results

  1. I have a single 12" american bass godfather DVC 1ohm subwoofer and a Audiopipe 1800.1d mono amplifier to power the sub. Head unit is typical pioneer deh3500 model. This is in a 06 Ford Escape XLT, needing suggestions and ideas on a box build for this setup. I'm open to any idea's except, sealed enclosures. Seems to look like it'll be easier to blow a sub using a sealed enclosure . Keep in mind the Escape is my daily driver. Thank yall for any tips or ideas.
  2. I need help making a box I don't have a program to make a design any more I wad hoping someone could help really quick I recently got 2 american bass tnt 10s I have an American bass vfl 80.1 does any one have aby bus ideas or designs please help!
  3. Hi fellow members! I have an 04 quest looking to do a 4th order in the trunk. I have 4 american bass XFL 12s. looking for a 2:1 Would be greatful for some help thanks! So far i have sealed section = 3.315 ported = 6.63 port area = 99.45? I'm having a bit of an issue with the port size what tuning do you guys recommend? along with dimensions?
  4. giggitygiggitygiggity goo this thing is heavy. sorry for blurry pics. too much awesome and i was shaking like a school girl.
  5. Video of my good friend Dennis' setup, fucking wind tunnel 1998 Isuzu Rodeo 4 Team Ascendant Audio 18's 4 American Bass 450.1's at .35 each 4th order bandpass
  6. Single 15 in a Dodge Mega Cab. Took some creative box design but it slams!! About 4 cubes and tuned to 34 hertz. Seats have to be down to allow for excursion. Seat just touches surround when it's up.
  7. i was looking at a american bass ph4000md to use on my build, i was going to go for 2 audioque 1200's but these seem to be cheaper. I know american bass does good subs but idk about this amp 2k rms for 200 bucks?
  8. I got a pair of American bass HD12D1s on an Incriminator Audio IA20.1 im looking to up the power and I came across these amps http://xplicitaudio.com/banda-ice-3500-1-ohm/ Anyone got any ideas about them? What would you guys recommend amp wise?
  9. 1. Product: Cactus Sounds K12 2. Specs: Rated power 5500 x 2 @ 0.5 ohms @ 14.4 volts clamped 13.6k @ .5 ohms/2 channel starting voltage 13.9 3. Description/Condition: i have clamped this amp and have proof of numbers 9/10 cosmetics 10/10 mechanical i dont really beat on my amps, the lowest voltage this amp seen is 12.8-9 4. Price: : 1650 shipped 5. Pictures:
  10. Hi, i am in need of help with a ported box design for 1 American Bass 15" XFL. It will be powered with an AQ/ Soundqubed 1200-1d. I have an 02 Monte Carlo, and my trunk specs are as follows: 30"L x 33" W x 17" H, my trunk opening is 16" L x 37" W. This sub is gunna be for daily, but i want to squeeze out all the spl i can while staying safe and sound. I listen to only rap so i want it to hit lows very very hard, while maintaining a bit of mid bass if possible. The external height of the box cannot be more than 16" because id like to be able to put it right through the opening in my trunk and don't wanna build it inside. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Just recently bought a new p1000.1bd rockford fosgate amp. Was wanting to upgrade my sub as well to the rockford fosgate t2. Anyone have any personal experience with the t2's?
  12. I have been doing research on car audio on and off for the past 2-3 years. After going back and forth with many different choices, I narrowed it down to and purchased my first system. I decided on an American Bass XFL 1244 powered by an American Bass VFL4480.1D @ 2 ohms. I have my truck wired with 4 gauge (later plan to upgrade to 0). The only issue I have been dwelling on for the past couple of months is building the box for my sub that should be here within the next week. I have little knowledge of doing so. I have a 2000 Silverado extended cab and I plan to do something similar to a center console build for my rear seat. This way I will be able to keep enough space for two passengers in the back. With that being said, I would need to be able to have a box within 18x19x20. I want to do a ported box for the single 12" 2-2.5 cubes @ 32hz. I would love to be able to find dimensions for such a box so that I can make my dream come true within the next week. If I cannot find someone willing to help me with accomplishing that, I would appreciate if I could at least learn how to do so. I am willing to do whatever it takes to overcome my difficulties with this box build. Thanks, and let's get this truck making some noise.
  13. Installed a couple weeks ago my cpillar slide in wall For 6 ab xfl 1222s on 2 dc 5ks. 3 top on 1 dc5k @1.3 ohms and 3 bottom on another dc5k @ 1.3 ohms. Have blown the bottom middle woofer now twice. First time thing I went to hard on it being that it took months to finish and killed the coil. 2nd one was rushing to get it playing for slammology. Broke it in for 3 hours @ 40 and 30 hz on a dc5k @ 4ohns 900 something watts Went to install it the next day screwed up poked surround like a idiot. Fixed it with shoe goo Played fine all weekend till my 4th demo at slammology then that infernal slinky sub sound. What am I doing wrong? 1. this is my first wall 2. First time running 6 subs 3. First time running this kind of power and running 2 dc5k to 1 enclosure 4. Set amps with dd-1 to older 5k cause seemed to be lower of the 2 amps. Set with -5 db track 5. Gain matched both amps to the older 5k with cc-1 6.slide in wall is top L port 7. Almost seems like bottom 3 subs move more then top ones ( but not 100 percent on this ) 5 broken in subs and one new one as soon as I buy another one from ab. Please help I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and can't afford to keep replacing subs. Now have 5 good and 3 bad subs.
  14. Just finished my wall for 6 American Bass xfl 1222s on 2 dc 5ks Each set of 3 subs on a dc5k @ 1.3 ohms tuned with Dd-1 (-5db) and gained matched with a cc-1 Broke in the sub for around 2-3 hours with a dc5k @ 4ohms on a 40hz test tone and then 30hz test tone thru the dd app Just finished wall and have 5 subs broken in 1 wasn't so broke the one new sub then. Replaced sub with this new one I broke in for 3 hours seemed fine and was moving fine. So took it to slammology and was doing demos no issues then on 4th demo alsudden heard that infernal slinky sub noise. So my question for you experts one what did I do wrong to blow the sub and what could I have done to prevent this? What should my next step be? 1. replace the sub? And break it in complety this time before putting it in the wall 2. Send the subs out get reconed by Paul Pierce, psi, etc. With legit American coils and dual. 7s so they will take more power 3. Cut my losses and trade or sell the 5 good ab xfl 1222s and 3 blown xfls for 6 good 12in. subs that will take the Power.
  15. Here we go! Finally started my build! Whats going into it--- 2 American bass XFL D2 12s 1 Audiopipe 1800.1 American Bass AK4 wiring kit JVC KD-HDR61 head-unit Some aftermarket Pioneer 6x9 in the rear And stock doors for the time being haha I know I won't be doing everything right but this is my first build and I will be adding onto it as I go! Now for pics! My 1994 Pontiac Gran Prix Got the pieces of the box all cut out. (Thanks Joe X!) Just to take a look. 4,6 cubes tuned to 32Hz Gluing, screwing, and sanding! Got as much done as I could until tomorrow. That is all for now. I work today and school ends today so tomorrow I plan to have it almost all done! More pics tomorrow!
  16. Hey whats up everyone! So last summer I ran 2 American bass hd 12s on a banda 3500. The subs are now sold and I'm looking to upgrade. Do you guys think I would get louder running 4 AB XFL 10s on a Taramps 4k? Any suggestions on upgrades? Thanks!
  17. Im trying to figure out how much space im going to need so i can run my Soundstream TN1.1200D at 1 ohm. I have very little space to work with and im most likely going to make a aero port designed box with 2 2in ports tuned to 40hz. Just needing some feed back thats all.
  18. so whats the recommended box on this ab xlf 12's? seem like a solid sub for the price!
  19. Hello I am new to the box building world. I tried to make a box for these xr 15s I bought. It was like tuned wayy to high and I can't hear any kind of low notes. That's what's I'm trying to go for. I have a older grand cherokee so I have room. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to cut too. I was going to use 3/4 inch mdf. Im ringing a cheap amp at the moment. Just a ssl 5000 eco but was going to run a skar 2200 eventually.. I'm trying to make the box tunes fairly low like 30 to 32 hz if possible ! Pleasssseese help! I was going with subs up port firing toward hatch. Please let me know if you guys can help.
  20. Hello, I am looking to get a pair of XFL 1244 to start a new system in my car. I would like to build a ported box. What would be a good box design for these subs? Also for the amp i was looking at Hifonics BRX 2400.1d however i am open to suggestions for a better amp under $400. I already plan on doing a big three upgrade, but will i need to upgrade my alternator? Thank you
  21. I’m buying 4 2ohm subs yet I’m putting them in two separate boxes I’m going to wire it down to 1 ohm but the problem is how would I do it since there’s two separate boxes?
  22. will this box work well with an american bass dx15 on 1000 watts rms i tired to make a forth order but sub didnt like it. so im using the outer box and making it into a sloted port box
  23. So I just swapped my old 2001 Honda Accord sedan with a new 2017 mazda3 hatchback. I need help finding a way to get deminsions for a box that I'm going to be making for my subs. I have 2 American bass xr12s left over from my old build in the Honda but the problem is I need space in the trunk because it sucks having to pack my rear seats with groceries and craming family members in who have decided they want to bring there big ass purses and back packs with them. So the trunk deminsions I've measured out are 42 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 20 inches high. I learned from my last build that I want a sealed box but I'm not sure what I want to tuneing frequency to be. I'm open to using 1 sub in the mean time if need be. Also I'm curious that if I invert the woofers would I be able to fit both in. I'm hopeing to keep about 26 inches of width in the trunk. I'll be giving singer alts a call but If anyone knows where I can get an ho alt otherwise I would really appreciate it considering I'll be running about 1100-2200 watts off of my crescendo bc2000.
  24. Hey guys I'm starting to think that I'm tired of this prefab box I got when I bought my subs. I've built smaller boxes before but none that actually involved any tuning or any real calculating. The space I have to work with is roughly 14 inches high 18+ inches deep (can go up to 24) 30 inches wide Its for 2 American Bass XD 10's (see build log for current setup) The box will first be tested firing the trunk lid, then flipped around to see if that sounds better. I really want those lows Any help is appreciated as this is my first real box build. Thanks in advance!
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