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Using stock bose amp SPEAKER wire for b2 ref amp

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I know this is a silly question but this will save a days worth of rewiring if i don't need to.

So i have a bose bypass harness, the harness is wired directly to all of my bose speakers(all being replaced by b2 ref 3 way). Heres the issue though, the leads that come out of the harness are 16-18g wire that connects into a LC7i. The b2 amp pushes out 125.4 @ 4 ohms and 325x4 @ 1 ohm. 

If i keep the stock wiring, will i  be losing power?

Or should i just rewire all of it with my big spool of cca sky high 14/16g? 

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Solid wiring job.

Google wiring wattage diagrams. From what i see on the chart it would be ok, but for my piece of mind on my builds i run new wire and most do. Yes its expensive and time consuming part part of the process in this hobby.


Big 5 0 AWG-RF Wiring

Optima Blue top-under hood

Kenetic HC 600 under hood

2 Kenetic HC1800 in trunk

Stinger VM


RF P3 8" mid-bass in custom kick Panels

RF T265 comps x2 in custom door panels

RF T165 comps in Rear Doors

2 SQ HDS310snin a JOE X designed box

RF T400-4 ( x 2 )

RF T400-2

RF Power T1500bdcp.

All RF & SHCA OFC  0,4,8,12 wiring.

Fuse's from SMD & RF.

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It would work. I recalculated square root of 125W*4ohms = 22 VOLTS (not amps). Then 125W/22V it's only like 6 amps. That's not considering impedance rise either. 16 gauge is good for about 12 amps continuous. Playing music you'd only be hitting current spikes periodically. You could wire bigger for future upgrades though. But don't use CCA, go OFC for long distance wiring because CCA has more resistance per foot.

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