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Okay so I bought an om-1 a couple weeks ago and just got around to hooking it up. I got yellow going to remote, black to ground, red to constant, and the white wire I've tried in both the positive terminals on my skv1 4500. Here's my problem. I hooked up the white wire and left the volume at 9 out of 40 and 33 is where it clips, then turned my bass knob up slowly. From all the way down to about half way up on my bass knob no sound came out, then when I went right past half way the subs were at full volume and it sounded louder than I had the gains set at. When I took just the white output meter wire out it went back to normal. My amp was tuned with a dd1 and the gains are set down well well well below clipping currently because I don't have a good enough charging system to handle my amp yet. So my gains are fine. 

Has anybody seen this issue before? 

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