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Time for another Flea Market amp test. Today we will look at the American Legacy LA3090D, the largest monoblock from Legacy's 2005 amplifier lineup. Although the amp states "3000W" on the plexi panel, the manual mentions 1200W RMS or 3000W max. It is not unusual for amps like this to have bloated ratings and usually they don't even state RMS numbers. Not sure why, but this amp just looks cool to me and it would be really cool if the amp could perform as advertised.

The LA3090D sold for $140 back in 2005 although the "retail" price was over $300. Yeah, right, that's the price they would show at the local Flea Market before slashing the price to over 50% off...today only! I must say if I saw an amp like this I may have been swayed to pick one up. Could it possibly be a legit flea market amp?


Ratings as shown in the manual:
4 ohms - 400 watts RMS
2 ohms - 800 watts RMS
1.3 ohms - 1200 watts RMS
1 ohm - 3000 watts "MAX"


Other than JL Audio and maybe MMATS amps, I don't recall companies giving ratings at 1.3 ohms. It was my thoughts this amp couldn't really handle 1 ohm. Well, it does, kinda. You'll see what I mean in the video.


Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:



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man, i definitely ran some legacy stuff back in the days of being dirt poor and still wanting some bump.  never had a big issue with it, did what i wanted.  used to love some American Pro Bass Machine stuff too lol.  thankfully it means making a collection wall of stuff i used in my youth is dummy cheap lol

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Haha, I literally just gave this amp away a month or so ago. Had this and a quantum 800 monoblock and figured the quantum had more umph...I guessed wrong cause the quantum barely moves a really old set of mtx Terminator 15s lol. Shoulda kept the legacy lol. Guess I'm the "big dummy"

2009 Silverado 1500, 7.5" lift, 37x12.50r17s, Built Gen 4 5.3L ( 4.8l flat pistons, decked 243s, SS2 Cam, Pac 1218 springs, ported intake, 120mm TB, Long tubes, 3" duals HP tuner software tuned by me), 4l80e swapped and 4.56 gears. All done by me. stereo is Pioneer avh 600ex, all stinger rca, jp23 v1.5, skar rp150.4, and hertz hpd4. 2 SHCA 6.5 8ohm, 1 SHCA 3.5", and 1 DS18 tw120pro in each door. The 3.5 mid and 3.5" tweeters are powered by the skar rp150.4, the 6.5s are powered by the hertz bridged @4 ohms. Dual runs   of 3/0 welding cable, 300a alternator, 2 Vmax AGMs up front. current sub is a AB XR 12 ( dual 2 ohm) with bottom spider cut out in 2.25 cubes at 32hz


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