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I want to install an amp and subs in a C-Max and not able to locate the speaker wiring chart or information like i usually do from the12volt.com.  does anyone have any information on this vehicle.  if in wrong place mods please move.

PPI dbl din
DC Level 3
1.77cubes net tuned to 33htz.
DC audio 2.0k
CT Pro Audio 8" in front, 6.5 in rear


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i don't know what's different about them, but chilton's has separate diagrams for both and i didn't look for differences. 

here are all of the touchscreen diagrams.1.PNG.500666e72ac0021f5e85ce38ab66f9d3.PNG2.PNG.fe2db54167a9595e933c24c6515f4910.PNG3.PNG.b87f61fcb9f0d4e2a4b2860538e6be25.PNG4.PNG.64f11fe8eabed44a41305ba8496a0c5c.PNG5.PNG.a51bc3f11e1dd719fd472a37ea6a3c43.PNG6.PNG.dbb624f62a16b2896a4931dd32ef6ad5.PNG7.PNG.7f81d14532d0e2dd77f5711fa4543a1a.PNG8.PNG.d54ef1fd370a971068cae02fd295c72c.PNG9.PNG.faf8f13078256272a7e7d65172d04d5f.PNG10.PNG.4718615d0047c95d2c04c5b557e1d88e.PNG11.PNG.0b7757d072406778aed34ecb7f76b1a3.PNG12.PNG.6094cb403369369599a46230b141c1ff.PNG13.PNG.6dfcde157ff0887a0ef9f265a79de5b9.PNG

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