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Anyone else score a D'Amore Eng. clean D amplifier ??? AND, ANOTHER ONE 3-26-21

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I saw Tony D, post up some new "clean class D" boards. Even he, admits, class D, ... is meh at best, but, he took measures (filtering) others dont. Also, the price, is amazing. I sanged some.... anyone else? Mine is out for delivery , as i type.  I want to use 2 of his "clean D" boards, on my mids and tweets,  in my 4runner install. Got some second skin, to toss on the doors, thinking about some Satori mids, with some nice tweets..... 

   Anyone else score a TD board???  I will post a pic or two, when they arrive.. 

Cheers, happy holidays, and all that shit to all. 

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1 minute ago, Kyblack76 said:

D'Amore 4 chan showed up. Got some Satori's,  from Madison sounds on the way, with SB tweets comin also. Guess I'll get to work soon. Cheers all. 


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that's going to sound pretty damn good! 

2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

My build log here. Check it out! 


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I just ordered up an E350.2. Plan is to run it in 4 ohm bridged to power a HAT Clarus SW10. It'll be EQ'd off my Helix V Eight DSP. Hoping its gonna be clean and work well. I was originally planning on using the 2 x 160W channels on the Helix to run the sub, but everyone's saying I'll be happier with an amp on it.

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