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Xs LTO cells are good too. Caraudiobargin has some. Don’t buy any from droppinhz. Droppinhz is some bullshit. Or you could buy some assembled banks from the fi car audio website that just need a balancer. Don’t buy that cheap 6s balancer that you seen in that second video. Buy the good one 


that’s in the first video that big d wiz used. That’s if you decide on not getting an assembled battery case that has a balancer.

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:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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Starting some upgrades to my current system.   Daily driver 2014 cruze. I did Door speakers when i first got it, Alpine Type-s Coax 6.5. Kept the stock tweeters on the dash. Alpine MRV f300

Soooo, what is your question even?  I didnt even see a question.    Edit- and, your not anywhere near 8k.  What voltage do you see now? At full rip, ... playing at or around tuning, or over/

so, like i said, no where near 8k....

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Update Time!


Got some new toys! The DD 1 is a cool piece of tech. System is loud and no clipping used the -15 db track. The most interesting thing I learned is testing the head unit for clipping through the amplifier. This changed the volume used when setting gain from how I was doing it before. Second strange bit is the recommendation of setting amplifier gain with variable bass boost frequency set and level at half if you plan on utilizing it. Dean from 5Star Car Stereo also suggests using bass boost so I figured this was a sign to start using it again!


The CC 1 is great. Subsonic filter now tuned to 31 hz. Low pass is still handled by head unit and set to 80 hz.


Everything hitting great, its really incredible what tuning can do. Almost sounds like a different system.



Finally got around to installing the fancy SMD distribution blocks. Some more TechFlex installed with Skyhigh cable, lugs, ferrules, heat shrink. Did not get around to the second run of 1/0 front to back. The Ground from engine/alternator to chassis and battery negative. I have not tested with any burps but only heavy sin wave Rusticalls/DJSNT tracks get voltage below 13. I think I am running into thermal limits of voice coil before voltage/power limitations on music, at least with engine running.  Plays at volume 27 all day, starts to stink at 28 after so many songs.


There were a few other quirks this round....1) Skyhigh heat shrink is not adhesive lined and very thin. 2) SMD XL2 fuse holder barely fit the hilariously oversized Skyhigh 1/0 lugs.  3) Wire ferrules combined with overzied 1/0 added enough thickness that the set screws for the two 12v dual inputs were making a connection. I imagine it would be fine if they were touching BUT I do not want extra stress on the terminals or wasted energy from sparking across the gap. I torqued them down best I could and split the gap with a piece of cardboard. 4) SMD full distribution block, the locations on the ends are just a bit to close to the stand-offs for the plexiglass cover If you run the very oversized Skyhigh lugs. They cannot go on perpendicular and those are only 1/0.



Next up, Clamp power. Second run 1/0 front to back. Add some 1/0 to rear bank. Clamp power again after to look for difference? Build new box for two 12's to replace the one 15. Batteries or Second alternator...still undecided. Weather is starting to warm up so that should give me motivation to do some more work. 👍


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