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2X run 2/0 Sky or 4/0 Flex-a-prene?

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   What’s crackin yo!    I am in process of installing the power wires but wanted to ask a question....

    Do any of you have experience with welding cable vs Sky High? 
     In the pictures, the orange is 2/0 Sky High OFC and the red cable is 4/0 Flex-a-prene.  
   I was going to use 2X runs of the McFlex cable, each run coming off a Brand X 390 alt fused at 400 or 350.  

Amp = HCCA 5000.1dv2

Subs = 2x SSA Evil 15 d1’s

Battery = Lithium, but still undecided  


Thank you in advance for any insight!!





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I'm not super familiar with those exact brands of welding cable, but basically what it boils down to is, as you can see, car audio cable tends to be around twice the size of welding cable. That being said, OFC is more conductive than the pure copper in welding cable, but in my opinion, unless you're looking for every last hundredth of a decibel, you're not going to get much difference between the two as far as your electrical goes. Also, OFC is more durable than pure copper, so keep that in mind if you're running the runs under the vehicle. Just take extra precaution when protecting your cable. 

2011 Chevy Silverado under construction

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