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d4s procrastinates too and they sent a damaged crescendo 17k to a guy I know that bought 2 crescendo 17ks from d4s and neo speakers and d4s sent him an amp that the heatsink was damaged and then he calls to try and get them to fix the problem and send him another amp and of course, he send the damaged one back, but JP wasn’t trying to help a guy out that’s spent thousands of dollars with him. So he called crescendo and they helped him and offered to put a new heatsink on that amp. Then he hooked up the amp for like a minute or so and where the damaged heatsink was is where the amp failed and smoked. d4s again didn’t want to help and he had to contact crescendo. I’d wait on limitless lithium. Their customer service is super good. One time I bought a bank of caps from them and one of the caps was damaged and they sent me another bank of caps without me sending the other bank back and said to just send it back when I got the other bank. I had that bank for a while, unused, and then decided I’m gonna switch to lithium and not worry about caps, and they let me send back that bank of caps, no problems. I highly recommend limitless lithium. 

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:stupid:“How can we help you?”
“And don’t forget to tell them that 
the customer isn’t always right.”

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