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SA10 V1 D4 ported box help

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Good afternoon everyone. I have 2 SA10 V1 D4, both of my daughters want some bass so I thought I would build them both a box for their cars. I am looking for the flattest response I can get and both of them will be will be running a Skar RP-1500 at 2ohms. Could anyone lend a hand with a quick design? If it matters 1 will be going in a 2010 BMW 328i sedan and the other will be in a 2010 Civic coupe. Thank you in advance!

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The flattest possible response inside a car comes from a sealed enclosure, 0.6 cubic feet net per driver or so should work fine.


You don't need to build them, high quality prefabs of the correct volume can do the job.



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Thank you Joe, I understand sealed would be optimal. I should have stated that I wanted the flattest response from a ported enclosure. A friend suggested 1cf with 17 in square port area at 35hz. That sounds great, but I cant find Torres btc to calculate the port length.

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The SA-10 in a 1 cubic feet ported @35Hz is peaky and loud (orange plot), 0.5 cubic feet  sealed (yellow plot) is flat (but silent):





Using heavy damping you can make it less peaky as you can see:





The box itself can be like this:







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