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Sorry I don’t have the answer never been tested on this site but 2 runs of 4gauge should be better or equal to 1 0gauge. Would love to see a voltage drop test from Steve or Big D Wiz on this . Keep this post alive and maybe we get a YouTube test.

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2022 Ford Maverick on 22’s                                                                                                                                          Skar SK1500.1 on 4 Skar VD-8’s                                                                                                                       Mids Sundown Super tweeters, Skar TX 6.5 components on Skar SKM400.4                                                 LC2 for audio control  , XS Power D680 XS Series Extra Battery 

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What amp(s) are you running? 1/0 has more capacity than dual 4awg, but if you'll only be drawing 200a, there's not really a functionality downside to dual 4awg. What brand wire, OFC for both 4awg & 1/0?



For example, KnuKonceptz OFC 4awg is rated up to 150a at 20ft, 1/0 is rated up to 375a. If you're running a 2k class D amp though, a dual 4awg run should be plenty so there's no reason to get the 1/0 if you don't mind looking at/fusing 2 runs and the savings of it is worth it to you.

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