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ported box for (4) JL 12W7's


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My friend is looking to put (4) JL 12w7's in a ported box in his 2003 Honda CRV. Each one running off a Slash 1000/1. 

I have a box drawn with the 12's mounted facing up along with the port facing up as well (his request).  I read along of threads with (2) 12w7's, and I can't quite get the 2.5 cuft that was recommended in them. 


I guess my question is about the port size and length. I can design a bridge fairly easy but I don't know enough about ports or box design to know what will work well. 


I've attached my sketch. Any help is greatly appreciated.  


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Since your tight on needed airspace for the subs, then you want to avoid a center port like that because that port will take up a bit more volume seeing as only 2 small pats of the box will be used for the port. 
Moving the port to one side of the box will use up 3 walls of the box as the port and allowing you to eliminate a bit of extra work while gaining some air space.

Also its worth mentioning that woofers up and port back is typically drastically louder in suvs.

This would be a bit better than what you have if you dont do sub up port back.





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You will need about 100-110 square inches of port area for those 4 drivers on rated power and a tuning in the mid to lower 30s and a net volume of 2-2.5 net per driver.


As for your box dimensions you should measure the trunk space yourself, besides your box height can be increased a little without breaking anything.

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