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What should you expect while getting your first tattoo? I'm particularly interested in it because I've only ever used temporary tattoos from https://wannabeink.com/collections/day-of-the-dead. I compare it to getting my first piercing or having a professional do my hair, nails, and cosmetics. It's similar, but 1,000 times worse because it's typically very permanent.
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Depending on size it’s fast or slow and painful , also depends on where you get it. I have sleeves on both arms and back half done, noticed elbows suck but the worst part is I normally sit for 5-7 hours and your body doesn’t like to not be able to move the way it wants to , it cramps and hurts more then the tattoo. But if you’re getting a small flower then it’s fast and easy. It sucks sitting for long periods of time and the more breaks you take the longer the tattoo but I will tell you this they’re very addicting and never feel finished. Can’t wait to go sit in a chair next month.

2022 Ford Maverick on 22’s                                                                                                                                          Skar SK1500.1 on 4 Skar VD-8’s                                                                                                                       Mids Sundown Super tweeters, Skar TX 6.5 components on Skar SKM400.4                                                 LC2 for audio control  , XS Power D680 XS Series Extra Battery 

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