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400rms sub 2x4ohm what amp?


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Example: the inexpensive Skar RP-800.1D will deliver 600W into 2 ohm ( coils wired in parallel ) which will be fine as long as you don't play a near clipping sinewave.


But you could use any amp that will deliver at least 400W rms @2 ohm as long as you set your gains right.




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This is how you do it:




Save as above just presented differently:





Don't forget the signs, positive of coil1 to positive of coil2 to positive on the amp, same with negative as you can see in the figures.





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Okay found the amp in your range that You talked about its a alpine mrv-500 its 500rms at 2ohms so I'm gonna wire it in parallel it should be good and I'm going to use 4wg wire with 80 amp fuse. Maybe you have some suggestions maybe its wrong or something. Thanks in advance.

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