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Fiberglass Btl Box

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the whole front will be fiberglass with the ports up. i'm still trying to figure out how im gonna work around the trunk arms.

for the extra airspace. post more pics later today. remember i cant knock this out as fast i like because of limitations in tools, work space and facilities. im building the majority in my barracks room. ftw

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i test fit the box and noticed i cut the bottom too short :angry:. but it gave me an idea on some extra airspace. i know its pretty ghetto but i'm still learning as i go so dont knock it. the sides still need to be cut you'll see what i'm talking about soon enough. but this is what i got done today and i gotta head back to work tonight. when i get out on friday i'll bust my ass a make some sense of this gobbledegook. :wacko:

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how thick or how many layers of 3/4oz chop mat do you think would be sufficient for the btl's new home?

Totally depends.

Are you gonna brace it w/ mdf?

is it a flat panel or lotsa curves?

I'd say 7-10 layers+ should be ok....but overkill is better than underkill.

Just make sure it's at least a good 1/2" on all directions and put some mdf bracing in there wherever u can...and pre-drill/screw into the braces from the outside and then glass over the seam...check this build for an example: (see the "divider" with the hole cutout)



Overkill= victory.

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