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  1. I'm still lurkin here & there...Just not all that active.

    I graduated college in 2009 & subsequently changed jobs (upgrade in $$ FTW)...but, also went from 25-30hr weeks to 50-60hr weeks.

    Then I bought a town-house and the garage is not exactly "build friendly"...but i'm workin on it...once the Garage is suitable I have a few installs lin...

  2. Price for the HCCA's is still $150ea +shipping via your preferred method. Im in 95826. each box is 30lbs & 12"x12"x9".

  3. Looks like $60 for shipping ea? wow. Maybe $200 shipped each I guess..if shipping is any less I'll tell u, but I want $150 after shipping.

  4. $150+shipping each

    USPS.COM Shipping for 1 HCCA 10 from SACRAMENTO CA 95826 to HARLEYSVILLE PA 19438.For 2 subs just double these numbers.

    Express Mail® Wed, Apr 21 $121.75 $115.66

    Express Mail® Hold For Pickup Wed, Apr 21 $121.75 $115.66

    Priority Mail® 2 days $66.35 $61.30

    Parcel Post® 7 days $34.25 Not availa...

  5. Damn man that's like a builder/installers dream come true. I'd love a sick ass open spot like that to work on other folks rides or my own...someday. Congrats Steve, you sure earned it.
  6. Exactly. I'd take her ASS to COURT! Literally! "Ya honor....I've hoodwinked! Bamboozled! and this is sum bullllllllshit!" I demand reparations. Fake tits:lies...but at least you can play with those/ they don't come off with the clothes. Makeup:lies Padded bra: lies Heels: lies And now this.
  7. You can fit 2 15's sealed or 4 12's sealed (or ported) easy. Take out the spare tire, fiberglass tub the tirewell, and build up from there. 6-8cubes easy. here's a tutorial: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...showtopic=30154 EDIT: And YES i know the Diff between Gen2 & Gen3 hatches. Hit me up if you need design help when you do it.
  8. I wouldn't put any more Lead acid batteries inside the cabin if I were you, and you should really change that one out for a sealed type.
  9. It super depends on what you end up getting AND (probably more importantly) HOW YOU RUN IT/i.e. have a digital voltage display somewhere that is accurate so you know when ur voltage is LOW and use common sense (what's that?) with your volume/bass knob when the voltage gets low. You can have a million watt stereo on a stock electrical and never have ANY problems...the key is your AWARENESS of what's going on with your electrical when you are running your stereo. *Watch Steve in his vids: He is a pro at demoing his setup because he has done it so many times, he has learned along the way to monitor as much as possible (Voltage, woofer movement/exscursion, engine RPM, engine Temp, etc) all the places where something could overheat, burn up or break mechanically...having the windows down helps the demo but also means he can hear if his belts slip of something happens under hood that would cause him to have to shut it down or back off. I totoally agree. Start with a good battery (Kinetic, Stinger, Battcap, odyssy, DC, there a re lots with similarly GOOD specs) I put a Stinger SP1000 under my hood in the stock group 51 spot it just takes a bit of custom mounting but nothing too crazy. I have had the Stock Alternator in my car since I got the car Brand new back in 1997. Never had an issue. However, to date, the most power I have run is 1200-1400rms sub amp and a 75x4 mid amp. I watch my voltage when I'm demoing since I'm sitting still and I rev to 2000rpm and like I said no worries. But just like Steve, I have to watch & listen to the "car & system" along with the music to make sure I don't over run anything. Knowledge is your best asset when you put your system together since it is FREE and there is basically an INFINITE amount of it out there. Ask as many Q's as you can before you RUIN something and plan it out as best you can. And if it's a 2 dr gen 3 I have a couple custom boxes for sale for 4 12's or 2 15's
  10. x2, Bandpass CAN sound good IMO. Like ANYTHING, every box design has it's place and time, strengths and weaknesses, pro's & cons. It's the job of the person designing/building/matching that box to the products/components that will work with it in the SYSTEM (remember no SINGLE component will garauntee success when building your setup-there is no I in team...or system). You have to consider the type of material (music or tones/competing/showing off with lots of WOW factor, or just easy listening with an emphasis on SQ?) then buy & build accordingly. You should REALLY think about what's most important/what you want out of your system and spend your $$ accordingly. It doesn't hurt to do some HW and DEMO or play with the parts before you buy them ESPECIALLY whe nit comes to a DECK-make sure you're comfy with the controls and detach face-some of em are GHEY/PITA to get on/off these days. If you're starting out, in HS with little $$ (we'll say $1k as mentioned )and have a Gen 3 Integra (same car I drive), I would recommend: Head unit: Kenwood KDC-X792 BNIB $145 shipped Buy it now off ebay (3preouts/4.0v) & Plays al lkinds of media. http://cgi.ebay.com/Kenwood-KDC-X792-AM-FM...=item20adfcaad1 A decent 4chann. amp for your front & rear mids. (Go with a 100x4 rms if you pick some "higher end" component sets) ======================== KICKER ZX650.4 170rms x 4 @ 4 ohm $245.00shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/KICKER-ZX650-4-4-CHANN...=item3a547fc69b Fosgate T600-4 75-100rms x 4 @4ohm $380.00 http://cgi.ebay.com/Rockford-Fosgate-Power...=item2a0218c743 JBL-60x4 rms @ 4ohm. $112.00 Shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=390110271190 Alpine 50x4 rms @4ohm Alpine MRP-F300 ~$140.00 shipped BNIB. http://cgi.ebay.com/Alpine-MRP-F300-Car-Am...=item3ef9f97c60 A decent ~1000rms monoblock for ur subs. ============================ Alpine MRP-M1000 (1kw rms @ 2ohm) $260 shipped BNIB. http://cgi.ebay.com/BRAND-NEW-2009-ALPINE-...=item518d22fd2d KICKER ZX1000.1 (normally MORE than 1000rms, & bass knob included) ~$300.00 shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/100-NEW-KICKER-ZX1000-...=item35a4b8fafc Subwoofers....SOOOO many options... ========================= Kicker CVR-very good bang for your buck. CVR 12's ~$75.00 each,shipped BNIB, all over ebay. (2 for $150.00, 4 for $300) http://cgi.ebay.com/KICKER-CVR12-CAR-AUDIO...=item53dd84fcfd CVR 15's $130.00 shipped BNIB. (2 will fit in hatch below windowline easy, 4 will fit if you get creative) http://cgi.ebay.com/KICKER-COMP-VR-CVR15-C...CAR-SUBWOOFER-2 OHM_W0QQitemZ300336430317QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCar_Subwoofers_Enclosures?hash=item45ed723ced Alpine TYPE R 10" SWR-1042D $110.00ea shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/Alpine-TYPE-R-SWR-1042...=item2ea8ffd88b Alpine TYPE R SWR-1222D 12" $120.00ea shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/Alpine-TYPE-R-SWR-1222...=item5d26d46d8c Diamond Audio D6 15's (lil more $$ @ $170.00ea but you could run them @ 500rms each, then give them more later with a bigger amp) http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-DIAMOND-AUDIO-D615...=item518e0777ad 2) DIAMOND AUDIO D315D4.2's $200.00shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/2-NEW-DIAMOND-AUDIO-D3...=item518d667220 Mids: ============= Fronts should be components IMO.period. Rears can be 2ways. JBL Power P-650C $80.00 shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/JBL-Power-P-650C-Car-C...=item4a9c0eb275 Alpine type R 6.5" components $130.00 shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-ALPINE-SPR-17S-6-5...=item3ef9ea4f56 INFINITY KAPPA 60.9CS $132.00 shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/INFINITY-KAPPA-60-9CS-...=item5ad4a9f463 Infinity Kappa perfect 5 1/4"s $180.00 shipped BNIB http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-INFINITY-KAPPA-PER...=item5d26a93b75 And sooo many more... Rears: (whatever you can find for cheap since rear fill is basically optional) ====== ROCKFORD FOSGATE T162C $60.00 shipped BNIB..Done & done (I don't think anyone would argue with that) http://cgi.ebay.com/ROCKFORD-FOSGATE-T162C...=item1c0d84b391 Example Total.... Deck: $145 Front mids: $135 Rear mids: $60.00 Subs: $150 (2 12's-could easily pickup 2 more later and rebuild your box) Sub amp: $300 Mid amp: $245 Enclosure: $ ??? Wire $ ??? --------------------- Total $1035.00 A lil over and you still gotta pick your wiring and build a box, but something like that would be a good start and give you room to expand down the road.
  11. <<<<<<<<-------In my Avy. Not much but that was over just a 1.5yr span with my 1st serious install in my car & I've only competed in 13 or 14 shows, took a trophy at all but 1, and got a "loud" and "best install" at one show...so off the top of my head it's around 14. I Can't really compete these days since I never built it for bassrace or practiced that format and the most power I ever ran was 1200-1400rms. Some day I'll have a legit loud setup.
  12. well that's harsher than the: "well...at least it looks nice from the outside" that i was gonna say...but yea, you kinda took the words outta my mouth on that one. I HOPE+PRAY it's not done yet. Looks loud. ...just crack them tinted windows a lil bit to let the beat out... but keep em up enough that no one can see in.
  13. So you're saying: Alpine type R for $100 each and you have 1 or 2? and is that shipped? what condition are they in? Pretty much same Q's for the Diamond subs: $200each and you have 2? is that shipped? The Diamond amps: used not used if so how "used" and prices are shipped or not and combined pricing? I kinda gotta agree with the mention of ebay I was just watching a whole set of D3 and D6 amps 600.1's, a 700.4, and a 1000.2....was that yours?
  14. I could only barely imagine what would happen if he took on the world of audio with his skillset.
  15. I hope if I ever have a 2 SEATER VAN...it has more in it than Steve has in his cargo area to justify it. Seems like QUITE a waste of space. Unless it BR high 150's on music and not the basstrax he was using...I'm a little unimpressed. It is a clean install though...I just can't see using up a WHOLE VAN, having a wall of 18's right behind your head...and it NOT being loud. Maybe if you free air the 18's... I guess I been on SMD too long...I'm jaded. And I like seats.
  16. Me too. 2-HX2 15's dual 4ohm. ~a few days-a week worth of daily use...powered by a PG Tantrum 1200.1...so maybe 600-700rms each. PM me an offer for one or both.
  17. Beat me to it. teh droolz. thatsalottabox!...and so it goes with T-lines....I found out with my lil experiment for 2 damn 8's. I gotta agree with what's been said so far....long basket/mag combo on the w7's makes for a "chamber" effect and could make it tune low ONLY....what was your math? maybe if you post that and have some of the T-line guru's like forevrbumpin take a look, might have some valuable input. Just a thought.
  18. Your port is SIIICK. Nice numbers too. 'Grats on the fiddy.
  19. i saw it from the eye popped out vid on. it seemed really short. The Host...is a homeless guy? Kinda sucked it was some 13-14yo's that dint know any decent Q's to ask but Pub is Pub. They shoulda played an assload more vids, show a tour of some rides/installs give comparisons of "normal beat" and you're avg. SMD setup and then asked some techinical Q's. Time to have David give you some practice interviews with a bunch of teeny-bopper Q's for next time? Either way pub is pub. If that douchie kid got +15 subscribers..I'm thinkin +1500 for Steve. today luvchat, tomorrow...Ellen calls back and Oprah gets in line haha.
  20. Looks like they're bringing back the MOREL made mids or style copy at least. Was the ish back in the day. Just gotta do your HW. PG was pretty much the shit for SQ way back when..... but all the young folks nowadays only have as reference is the "octane" days to draw on. The industry moves in cycles, at one point or another you could prolly find a time frame when every BIG name out there has had it's time in the sun. Look up Morel, Dyna Audio, and PG. Same as MB Quart...used to dominate the SQ arena, but have since fallen as they signed on under the maxxonics unmbrella. Soundstream too. Those were the days.
  21. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...l=lsn2meboom916
  22. I agree. Sunday would be dope as I am a mon-sat work guy myself.Side note/Possible rally point: June 14th at RPM indoor cart racing (big P-lot) on Bradshaw...Theye are havin a Car show there. http://www.raceplacemotorsports.com/ http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images0...88e5db6ef16.jpg http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images0...1fb4d179b35.jpg
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