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  1. Hi everybody!

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    2. roscoe1129


      Back in the game at local shop. Said bye to interior work!

    3. Kyblack76


      Bruh !?!?!?  Hope you been well my friend. 


    4. Karkov
  2. Hey everybody... back in the audio game....

  3. Oh jeesus... I usually just sit back and let you do what you do best and enjoy the ride but got dammmmmmmmmm...
  4. awesome shit boss! I was suposed to go with my other boss but I couldnt leave shop.... too much worky.... Doin big things bro! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
  5. last year i actually got all that pumpkin gut all in between my nails and my skin......actually ripped the skin in that spot from scraping with my nails. Took about 3 days to stop hurting. So this year, i used gloves and a scraper instead of my hands DAMN! Pumpkins are vicious!!!! were not carving this year..... just well collecting lol looks good bro. would love to hear it lol
  6. That is one ugly ass jack o lantern! pumpkins look cool tho whos the girl wearing gloves to "gut" the pumpkins ????
  7. nope, same frequency as the woofer. I was going to BP them but my Sensai (not Sensai from here) says no. I was also gonna do a center channel. He said no. What Terry Soohoo says, i do. Bottom line. The rear speakers were smearing the image, so those were put on a switch, which i haven't switched back on since we did our EQ'ing and time alignment. Its LOVELY.....and isn't even done yet. I have a session with RF on November 7th (they are flying out) with a 5 mic array. Then i will go back to Terry again to see if he thinks it needs anything else.... and it should be REAL lovely by then. sweet thanks!
  8. k looks good. I see your p3's are at 80hz & down... cool to run not bandpassed?? just wondering cuzz I am going to run my p3 8's probably bandpassed from 40-80...
  9. preordered assasins creed 3 and hitman absolution aka hitman 5!!!!

    1. dog24fret


      My daughter is driving me nuts for ac3 for Christmas or b-day.

    2. roscoe1129
    3. Kyblack76


      It does look awesome...

  10. but but but I have 3 colors of tape now... just went to the store and upgraded too!
  11. Find the correct area to post your topics folks. My delete button has a hair trigger!

    1. Crandis16


      where do vs. threads go


  12. "Virgin pussy " () " , Regular pussy " ( ) " , Hoe pussy (_________________________)

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    2. HatersGonnaHate


      Bring that up to the boss lol

    3. dog24fret
    4. Miguels


      nah i dont think it works that way.. i had mature ladies with kids and have been tighter than a 19 year old. its how they use it buddy. . some like to squeeze the muscles when they feel penetration and thats the best part

  13. I know it will be real handy in my shop.. lots of ppl want aftermarket gear from their factory vav and all the locs I have used are garbage... even the pacs I dont like.
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