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  1. Indeed I am still alive...although not exactly contributing to the audio world the way used to & should be... :-( Finished school, changed jobs, moved, & now working ~60hrs/week...and living in a place not that "build friendly"...but I'm still sittin on a pile-o-subs & itchin to build something. Been checkin in on the site & the insane progress being made & awesome publicity. Mad props bro! Glad things took off like they did. Thanks for the mini-feature & shout out...It was fun workin on this Chevy & it was shame when the owner sold it a few years later. Reminds me that I haven't messed with my photobucket acct in years too...I guess I should get that sh*t straightened out. With any luck I'll be moving again around March 2013 to a place with legit room to do builds all the time & I'll be pickin up another car that will need some beat. I'm still lurkin on the site, just not buildin or postin like I used to...but not by choice, just do to circumstance. Keep up the siick builds, posts, & vids you guys! I'mma do my best to make a worthy return to building & posting some day. I do still have 8 RE 12's to install in my Integra some day ;-)
  2. Thanks for adding me,

    I've actually been lookin through your build logs like the past 3 hours, you do some clean work bro

  3. This is the one I was referring to BTW http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/107235-lokis-05-f150/page__p__1553232#entry1553232 Eclipse Amps XA 1000 and EA 4000. But those amps are rated less than I thought so I think it's legit ;-)
  4. Nevermind on the Lexus...i was thinkin those amps were 500rms @ 2ohm but they were 900rms @ 2ohm, 500rms @ 4ohm...I can't remember if they were Dual 2's or dual 4's...I wanna say dual D4's and that would put them over the limit so that's out..it was just a slow boring saturday that made me want to enter anyway..I don't really think nominating yourself is a legit way to do it so shoulda just kept my mouth shut. good luck everybody.
  5. you bust out of the 1000w and under sorry bro... Well I thought since each of the sub amps(2) in the lexus were pushing 500RMS @2OHM, and the mid amp was ~400 I'd be on level with the guy running the Eclipse EA1000 and Eclipse 400watt mid/4chan..Am I wrong to make that comparison?
  6. I just realized almost every one of my builds qualifies haha Low power setups FTW?
  7. If it's not too late..while the power level is down where I tread...maybe I can throw my name in the hat? http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/1535-the-lexus-i-just-finished-for-a-buddy/
  8. Yea im at the daily job 60 or so hours a week.

    Can't wait to see the installs and for you to be back active again, everyone could learn from your builds bro, there hankies n00bs then ever lurking around :)

  9. I'm still lurkin here & there...Just not all that active.

    I graduated college in 2009 & subsequently changed jobs (upgrade in $$ FTW)...but, also went from 25-30hr weeks to 50-60hr weeks.

    Then I bought a town-house and the garage is not exactly "build friendly"...but i'm workin on it...once the Garage is suitable I have a few installs lin...

  10. Damn bro ain't seen you around in a while!!! Hope everything is good with you man. Would love to have you active on the forums again!!! Kinda miss your criticizing, helped me get where I am today.

  11. HEY bro Is the RE box calculater a good one for just getting a nice box, Or is there a T-line Box xalculator somewhere. I need to build a few T lines my homies need my help!

  12. Price for the HCCA's is still $150ea +shipping via your preferred method. Im in 95826. each box is 30lbs & 12"x12"x9".

  13. Hey your inbox is full, pm me a price on the hcca's shipped to 48141

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