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  1. Thanks for adding me,

    I've actually been lookin through your build logs like the past 3 hours, you do some clean work bro

  2. Yea im at the daily job 60 or so hours a week.

    Can't wait to see the installs and for you to be back active again, everyone could learn from your builds bro, there hankies n00bs then ever lurking around :)

  3. I'm still lurkin here & there...Just not all that active.

    I graduated college in 2009 & subsequently changed jobs (upgrade in $$ FTW)...but, also went from 25-30hr weeks to 50-60hr weeks.

    Then I bought a town-house and the garage is not exactly "build friendly"...but i'm workin on it...once the Garage is suitable I have a few installs lin...

  4. Damn bro ain't seen you around in a while!!! Hope everything is good with you man. Would love to have you active on the forums again!!! Kinda miss your criticizing, helped me get where I am today.

  5. HEY bro Is the RE box calculater a good one for just getting a nice box, Or is there a T-line Box xalculator somewhere. I need to build a few T lines my homies need my help!

  6. Price for the HCCA's is still $150ea +shipping via your preferred method. Im in 95826. each box is 30lbs & 12"x12"x9".

  7. Hey your inbox is full, pm me a price on the hcca's shipped to 48141

  8. Looks like $60 for shipping ea? wow. Maybe $200 shipped each I guess..if shipping is any less I'll tell u, but I want $150 after shipping.

  9. $150+shipping each

    USPS.COM Shipping for 1 HCCA 10 from SACRAMENTO CA 95826 to HARLEYSVILLE PA 19438.For 2 subs just double these numbers.

    Express Mail® Wed, Apr 21 $121.75 $115.66

    Express Mail® Hold For Pickup Wed, Apr 21 $121.75 $115.66

    Priority Mail® 2 days $66.35 $61.30

    Parcel Post® 7 days $34.25 Not availa...

  10. Damn man that's like a builder/installers dream come true. I'd love a sick ass open spot like that to work on other folks rides or my own...someday. Congrats Steve, you sure earned it.
  11. Your port is SIIICK. Nice numbers too. 'Grats on the fiddy.
  12. i saw it from the eye popped out vid on. it seemed really short. The Host...is a homeless guy? Kinda sucked it was some 13-14yo's that dint know any decent Q's to ask but Pub is Pub. They shoulda played an assload more vids, show a tour of some rides/installs give comparisons of "normal beat" and you're avg. SMD setup and then asked some techinical Q's. Time to have David give you some practice interviews with a bunch of teeny-bopper Q's for next time? Either way pub is pub. If that douchie kid got +15 subscribers..I'm thinkin +1500 for Steve. today luvchat, tomorrow...Ellen calls back and Oprah gets in line haha.
  13. I agree. Sunday would be dope as I am a mon-sat work guy myself.Side note/Possible rally point: June 14th at RPM indoor cart racing (big P-lot) on Bradshaw...Theye are havin a Car show there. http://www.raceplacemotorsports.com/ http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images0...88e5db6ef16.jpg http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images0...1fb4d179b35.jpg
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