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Looking for amp options for dual 1ohm Fi sub (1250w RMS)

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Currently using an older amp that does 1000w @ 2ohm.  Due to my factory head unit that controls everything I only tap off of rear speakers for signal and the amp turns on once it gets audio signal (no remote wire).  I need something that is capable of doing that.

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54 minutes ago, Kyblack76 said:

Not sure what you are needing, or asking for. Are you looking for a LOC (line out put converter) or like your title says and a board for your drivers?  Love Fi drivers by the way,.. i dick ride them hard. 

Looking for a different amp with more power that doesnt require a remote wire to turn on and doesnt require RCA's. My current Alpine MRV100m turns on once it gets an audio source but doesnt push hard enough. Ive looked around and saw a sundown that is 1300@2ohm and a skar that is 1450@2ohm. Not sure how much over 1250 I should go since i wont be pushing at 100% much of the time. Also the Fi is an SSD15 is 7yrs old and i did order it with flatwind

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Many mainstream brands feature that "signal sensing"  turn on you want, a notable brand would be JL Audio, many amps  from them are capable of that.


But that feature is not available in most high power amps (if not all) so usually you ad a low cost device between the amp and the head unit that will both convert to "RCA level" the speaker outputs of your head unit and create a "turn on" signal for you that you can use with one or more amplifiers that you may have, check out the following link:




If you happen to find the high power amp with that "auto turn on signal" please let us know which it is, so far it has eluded me.





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