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Torres' Box Tuning Calculator - Updated 8/18


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three slots for a single sub? You're much better off with a single port. Make a new thread in the subwoofers/enclosures section about what sub you need the enclosure for, what amp you will use to power it, your maximum available dimensions for the enclosure, and the vehicle. The members of this forum will get you set up with the info you require.

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1 hour ago, Donnie Hutcheson said:

I’m so glad I found this program. It totally works . Don’t second guess, just do it . You want regret it. 

WinISD is free and even more powerful.  Check it out if you have the time and patience.

Chevy Sonic Wall (4) 15's on 10k Build Log


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Jeep Wrangler JK (4) 8's in a 4th Order Build Log


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