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mtx thunderelite 601d with a rf p3.. thought it wanged for one 12 lol then i learned about site and got whats in sig now.. its my 2nd system and im planning for bigger already.. just gotta take out backseat.. haha

four sundown 3500s

four IA death penalties 18 in

in a chevy 1500

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For subs.......Bazookas....dual ELW1014P woofers (10s) off of a Bazooka ELA1190 amplifier (300w)

Posted Image

yeah..... *flame shield up*


As for everything else, Apline CDA-9885 headunit and full 6.5" Alpine Type Rs all around (component up front of course :P, love those tweets).

Still running the Rs and the 9885, bazookas be gone :rofl: DClvl3 12s FTMFW


Check out my build and the band Like We Always Do!

Once you start you can never stop. Bass addiction is serious. And there is no 12 step program for it.
Subs are like titties, They need to come in pairs because ones and threes are just wrong, and larger amounts will always draw a crowd, we all have our favorite sizes, but the bigger ones are more fun to watch move. :D
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my first system was crap LoL, back in 95 i had a power acoustic deck, a set of targa 10 inch subs and a no name amplifier (LA power) that i got from one of those shows that sales car audio stuff cheap. All this was in the back seat of a 1979 chevrolet impala 4 door. As ghetto as it sounds, and as it sounded even worse, it was still fun.

Build in progress:

Kenwood DNX890HD

Rockford Fosgate White wolf RCA's

2 Rockford Fosgate T400.4 on RF fanatic q components (6.5 in the kick, 6.5 in the front doors, 5.25 in rear doors)
2 Rockford Fosgate T2500's on sub

1 Fi car audio Team 15 D1

XS Power D3400 and three D975's in the rear

Mechman Elite 370

Stinger power connections and cable


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Sony deck, 2 sets of Infinity 6.5's, 10" sub in sealed prefab with Sony 120W amp.

2 years after that, 2 DD9515s on 2 AB VFL400.1s. Man oh man did I catch the bug badly :lol:


10.x volts fo' life!

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my first system was 4 home speakers the little ones u get with a cdplayer with no amp just to a jvc tape deck and as getto as it was they system hit alittle hard to tell u the truth

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2) Audiobahn 12" AW1206t Flame Q subwoofers, 2) Power Acoustik TS1920-2 amplifiers, 2) VR3 1 farad capacitors, my first custom trunk wall off built piece by piece in the car 2.8ft^3 tuned to 40hertz. I was the loudest until I got out beat by two 13W7s (I could never let that go) so it was time for something bigger and its been increasing ever since. (By the way I put those W7s to shame with my X)

It's all gone!

The Celica Build


If I buy something from you, DO NOT USE FEDEX!

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