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My sub doesnt work for me, but it works for Fi

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Ok, so my new bl comes in the mail and im excited as hell. I get it put in, wired to 1 ohm amp load. plug in my amp and I see that Rf blue light come on............. nothing. I turn the volume to 40/60 and nothing, sub control on, rcas plugged in, wired to battery, speaker wires not pinched and in the terminals. I have two friends who witnessed this......... Nothing, I am beyond pissed at this point, so i plug my old bl and wire it to 1 ohm at the amp, and on the same channels of the new bl and it plays. All i heard from the new bl was a pop and it would turn off. So i email Scott @ Fi and we work it out to get it back to Vegas. So it gets there and they say it works perfectly.. So im like Wtf?

Please explain to me what could have happened. I am desperate for knowledge right now, I am in no weigh bashing Fi. They paid shipping, and let me know what was going on at each point. I think they have a great product, Im just unlucky I guess. Help me plz

If this needs to be moved, go ahead, I didnt think it is a review of Fi, but im wondering what could it be.

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umm did you wired it correctly?
Did you hooked it up to another amp?

Like you're home amp.

No i didnt, but why should that matter because my old bl plays on the same amp....


I wired to 1 ohm. like this


I have never wired a sub a different way, I had two people with me when i did this.

And i tried it in the box, and i pulled it out of the box to make sure it was wired right.

Same thing

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what if the connection came undone from the back of the headunit?

my EQ had a fuse that was plastic and snapped so it would come undone and all my speakers would turn off so its possible the RCA got disconnected?

Then wouldnt my old bl not work? Its in my car right now and playing just as well as it did.

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