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Postin from the chair! (PICS! Left ARM started!) Bill Liberty Tattoo!!! update 12/17 vid page 3

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Ok im home......its partially outlined. I have a bunch of appointments scheduled so give this thing time before it starts looking BADASS...If anyone has their doubts on how it WILL look, look at the tat of my mom right above it - Same guy, Bill Liberty ( www.billlibertytattoo.com ) - so anyway, i dont think im gonna work on the Tahoe tonite, i always come home with a headache after getting drilled on :D Gonna chill tonite.


Posted Image

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AGAIN, its only outlined, its gonna have that SICK ASS shading that he is so good at doing and will look WAY better in a session or 5

The arm of the Statue will go up the inside of my arm and around to where the torch is - thats another session of course.......

Posted Image

Posted Image

Also, the "916" and the "trust no man" (or what used to be LOL) will be covered up as i start filling my arm in with stuff......Im looking forward to having QUALITY tatts instead of my old tweaker-jailhouse tatts. Im not givin' up teh' 916 its just a ragedy tat i did on myself back in 1991.....its due to be covered. I still have a HUGE "SAC" in old english lettering on my stomach that im NOT covering up, in fact im gonna have him clean it up and make it new again.

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looks good

make me want to get a new tatt




deepsilencer, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:32, said:

splzx3, on 22 Aug 2011 - 17:27, said:

i had my fun on one of his videos...till he blocked me then i got my mother into it lol after her he closed the comments xD

lol your mom is a G! good.gif

WTF, I never thought I'd have a conversation about cross dressers and trans-genders on a car audio forum.

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Besides the obvious, what's the meaning behind these tats for you?

I wanna see the SAC ;):D

:bad: Edited by SQMonte

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