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  1. i'm having trouble seeing the pictures on the previous page too. i get so far down and it errors. and my computer and internet are pretty quick. but from what i can see, this is looking pretty bossly
  2. hooked on these 2 and i just heard this one earlier today too https://soundcloud.com/phivestarr-1/charlie-farley-whats-good-for
  3. i want to preorder one but i think i'm going to get a second graphics card instead. that'll give me something to play with and i'll buy the PS4 when it's more readily available. more games will be out that way. watch dogs looks so amazing tho.
  4. i looked it up on the friend list thing. pretty sure that's how you request friends? lol i could be way off.
  5. well hell if people be starting to play a bit more, i'm Torres#1345. i haven't played in a while, so i'm probably way behind. i had to log in just to see what my name was lol
  6. geeeeeez some of you guys are anal lol. noticing an 8th of an inch from pics that are feet away. crazy. panel is looking good tho
  7. it's sickening seeing some of the work shops will put out, and how much they charge for it. hell...even charging at all for stuff like this. that shop needs to have some repercussions for work like this nice turn around tho
  8. i would surely hope so. otherwise he's gotta keep track of tons of meters with no guarantee that people would even ship them once they got the new ones. this is an awesome deal, i definitely want in on this
  9. we didn't get a computer in my family for a while, but when we finally did it was something like a 30 gig HDD, 800 mhz computer with like 512 MB ram lol.
  10. i too am curious about fumes. not that it's a big deal since normal resin has fumes, but just curious. i want this stuff so bad lol
  11. trunk is looking awesome. and since i'm late to the party cuz i just saw this....i'm WAY excited about the UV resin/filler. my current work shift makes it so i have to do all my projects at night. this is perfect
  12. that was beastly and the guy standing next to the afro man looks like walters son from breaking bad lol
  13. dual inputs are not worth the money imo. if you compete, yeah sure. you'll see a gain, but it'll be so small it won't be audibly noticeable. and go to wal mart, get a 10-15 dollar DMM and tune the amp. better than doing it by ear.
  14. i don't have it yet, just need my CPU cooler and my graphics card and my PC will be done, but it's going to be a 670 gtx. MAYBE a 680 if i can find one i feel comfortable enough with on ebay that's close to the same price. but...i'll probably stick with the 670 and buy it new and be on the safe side since they're pretty close in performance
  15. graphics look awesome. hopefully my new rig will be able to handle it on full graphics. if not i may have to fork out the cash for a second card
  16. hm....at least it'll still look pretty good. gameplay/scary mechanics of it will still be good too
  17. if you can find the second one for a good price, definitely get it
  18. i can not wait for it. first one was decent, second one was awesome
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