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Figured i would start a new topic about this...the link is below, and the chrome painting starts at about 5:40 into the video

he is painting a set of foose chrome wheels black...


I also took the liberty of writing down each step...so here ya go!

Step 1: Spray with break cleaner

- wipe off excess and blow out crevices

Step 2: Clean with an amonia based glass cleaner

Step 3: Sand with a red scotch brite pad (tape off areas to be protected)

- 120+ grit sandpaper will also work, anything less will sand thru the chrome


Step 4: Apply reducer to cloth and clean area


Step 5: Mask/tape off area to be protected from paint (if doing wheels, tape off back of wheel to protect from overspray)

Step 6: Spray 1 coat of House of Kolor APO-1 Adhesion Promoter, let dry for 10 minutes

-its clear, just make sure its a very thin and even coat


Step 7: Spray 1 coat of PPG DP90 Sealer, let dry for 30 minutes

-use the NON-ETCHING sealer (an etched sealer works against the APO-1 Adhesion Promoter)

(i believe the dp90 is a black sealer, which he used because he was painting the rims black...so choose ur sealer based on ur color needs)

(not sure if this is the etched or non-etched stuff.... http://www.tcpglobal.com/kustomshop/ksppgprime.aspx )

Step 8: Spray 1 coat of base paint, let dry for 20 minutes

Step 9: Spray 2 coats of clear


He uses a LPH 80 spray gun in the video, small gun for more mobility and less build-up!


And just so you all know, I am clueless when it comes to painting...so i have no personal experience....just took down notes while i watched the video...so dont hold me accountable...lolz!!

i likes me some audio stuff...

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:lol: I was just about to ask if you tried it and thats why you posted but kept reading

thanks for the info now I know how :)

lol...no problem

he said he has tried different methods, and this was the one he found to work with no peeling..

i likes me some audio stuff...

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Just caught this. Glad we caught it on tv. Thanks for stickying it and taking the time to write it up (and look up the products). I hope it helps a lot of people. Now I need to get started on mine... :/

My comp setup (Not bad for what it is):

HP Compaq Presario V6120US laptop with:

15.4" widescreen

AMD Turion 64 X2 1.6GHz processor

2x1GB stick DDR2 SDRAM (667 Mhz)

Seagate Momentus 500GB SATA HDD

128MB shared video memory

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

12 cell Lithium Ion battery (actual battery usage time: 6 hours)

What it does:


On a USB 2.0 Wireless card

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The pinstriping was cooler. :P

84 K5 Blazer

3" body, 2" Suspension

35" Maxxis Bighorn

100amp Alt

Marine deep cycle for the amps (freebie)

KnuKonceptz 1/0

8 Hifonics HFi 12D4's in ~19cubes tuned to 35hz

Audiopipe AP-18001D

RF 5x8's in the kicks

Almani 5.25 comp. in back

Kenwood KAC-645



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I love your avatar "may03lt" lol Do you like punk girls?

painting chrome is not tough at all with some wet sanding. What screws up chrome is the look of uneven spray paint. Thats why chrome usually looks like ass when it is spray painted. But if you wet sand it to get that uneven-ness out of it, it will turn out. And don't forget to clear coat it with lots of wet sanding too. I learned how to paint chrome a long time ago when I was messing around with painting alloy wheels chrome to make people think they were chrome. I thought i was going to be rich.


p.s. a tutorial or sticky is not worth shit unless there are pics MANNNNNNN

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