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Needed a little bit of bass lol


Box design, 7.4 cubes before desplacement, i think somewhere around an 7.9 ft line tuned to 35 hz, port is 14x9 double baffled front, gravity 45's




Ready to be trimmed for bottom piece


more to come as I get time, I dont really want to rush this at all because, well, its a DC lol any comments on the design would be much appreciated, I'm pretty sure i did all the math right, i looked at the pinned tutorial in subwoofers/enclosures and i believe ill be purty loud :) sub will be here in the next 2 weeks, Rusty didnt have any baskets so i had to wait for the whole thing to be made, and im not even a little pissed lol

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Thats whats up! dude how do you fit all that in the trunk, im still dying to know?

Im gettin a btl this week and I wanna build a similar size box.

Do you take out your seats and slide it in from there?

PM me if ya have some time. thanks

O and good luck with the build!

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what you mean your gonna take that type s out? lol j/k. should be really loud. ill be watching this

lmao yeah unfortunately my 300W sub has to come out to make room for my 4000W one lol

and 99Bonney PM sent

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just looks like your trying to throw to many bends in there, and you don't get a full dedicated line, meaning, it may not be a really accurate design tuning, etc

Iam sure your limited on space, but would try and do 1 good U turn

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lmao holy shit i just realized it was your tutorial i looked at! god damn man then keep the suggestions comming, i read that tutorial literally 15 times to try to get all the math right. i am limited on space yes, but im not sure what you mean by u turn, like kerf? cuz i thought the point was to keep a consistant line all the way through, not doubting what youre sayin at all but just curious

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