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How To: Solder Large Gauge Wire.

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yea thats what it is called, i couldnt remember. I asked my dad to pick me up a couple bottles of it at lowes when he went. It was really easy to use and convenient for me because i payed nothing cuz my mom already had this so.

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Just to add to this thread, heat gun will work too instead of a torch. I have a butane torch at work that I use for soldering, but when I do ring terminals I usually just bust out the heat gun.

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So Mr. Meade how's this look :ph34r:

I only did the 2 runs on the left, the other 2 MAY get done if im not lazy.

Posted Image


Posted Image

Runs of 0/1:

Posted Image

The rear done, all soldered via SMD method:

Posted Image

And a test fit:

Posted Image

Posted Image


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Hey I got a ? for steve or whoever, can u just dip ur wire in soder paste and use that to help pull the soder in?

Idk just a thought...

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Just a lil sum sum to get me back in the game!!

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I heard soldering good you better electrical connection than crimping? Is that true? I did a couple soldering but it seem like I'm having a bit trouble with the wire jacket. It seem to be melting a bit.

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