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  1. The envoys don't actually use the starter wire in the ignition... that is why the starter kill isn't working. The computer see's accessory drop and that is when the starter is cranked. Don't ask me why. Easiest way to fix it is break the accessory wire with a relay and the ground while armed wire.
  2. I would use an xk09 and a loop. The firmwares this year seem to be alot better than last years.
  3. Laptop: Lenovo Y550P i3-330m 2.13gig 4gig ddr3 500gb 5400rpm 15.6" WXGA Win 7 Home 64bit Ununtu 10 Geforce GT 240m 1gig Desktop: Dual ASUS VW246H 24" monitors Pentium D 2.8gig 4gigs ram 2 1terabyte 7200rpm hitachi hard drives 1 250gig WD 7200rpm hard drive Radeon HD4650(just for the dual dvi output) I don't play pc games anymore... the most instense thing I do anymore on a computer is use photoshop. I do more web development and surfing than I do anything else.
  4. Definitely pretty cool... I would be interested to see if they make anything bigger. Is that a product they are actually coming out with this year? If so can't wait to test it when we start getting them in stock
  5. Because that ever stops anyone. Ohh and let me guess he calls your cell phone for curfews too I remember being at the bar with my buddies on the football team getting phone calls from their coach to make sure they were in bed for the night.
  6. How do those SVSU cops feel about your system(checked your youtube and saw the svsu parking sticker and i think pinegrove in the background)? Haters... I had four years of dealing with those fucks. It's the younger ones that are bad. Specifically Officer Stockford.
  7. Well first thing you need to figure out is what format they need to be in. Google handbrake it will more than likely work.
  8. Forgot I took this Screenshot. Another forum said I was full of shit and would only believe it if I took a speedtest screen shot.
  9. Hougen rotabroach = the best. Bluepoint sells a rebranded version. http://www.hougen.com/cutters/sheetmetal/Rotacut.html
  10. Is there any coolant on the ground anywhere? You sure it's not a headgasket?
  11. I've had AT&T since before when they were Cingular... Travel all over the state of Michigan and Florida and have never had a problem... Other states might be different.
  12. I have no reason to Photoshop it. I was damn impressed with the speeds that is why I posted it. I usually only get 150-180Kbytes/sec... And when I saw north of 500 I took screens and sent to a few buddies.
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