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Some Car Audio related 3D stuff...

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hope youre not dissappointed when you see no "car audio products".

I said car audi related! LOL Well, I had some work to do

for german car audio companies. Exhibition season starts an some

of them need new demo booths. So I was asked to help designing them.

That is what took almost all time of my last weeks )or months).

Good that I have my new Monitor setup here bc I just see

lines and polygons...I am totally dizzy...

The first bog car show starts on friday and I will go there

tomorrow to watch the proceed of the setup.

Hopefully they built everything within my designs.

Will use that as references for possible new orders.

Since I have to reduce my doings in going to shows with my cars,

I hopefully have enough income out of that. Shouldnt be

that hard. There are always exhibitions not just in car audio.

Designing these two booths (each has two or more versions)

took long hours. And bc putting them in front of a simple

grey or black background is "awful" I just rebuilt a whole

exhibition hall LOL. Took me three weeks so far.

But I am happy. Will use that in upcoming projects to deliver

more realistic results. Maybe that will be the reason that they

hire ME then :)

Talked enough, here some examples.

I may put up some pics later how it came out in reality.

Even if these things are no pumping subs, flexing cars, yelling girls

and flying hairs, you may enjoy that. At least you see some cars LOL

But I may think about putting other car models into the scene.

But how long will I spend into all this? Its like in real life.

You can add more and more and more and more details.

BTW, some of these pics take 4-6 hours to render!

Here of course just the resized pics.











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Those are some tight ass renderings. What program are you using? A friend of mine did a walk through animation of a house he designed for civil engineering and architecture, took over 72 hours to render running full tilt the whole time.

Edit: We use the Autodesk Suite. Revit, 3ds Max, Inventor, and AutoCAD.

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Thanks for the nice comments.

Its 3D Studio Max.

But I know that I am just a "noob" on this programme :)

When the work is going well, I will buy the 2010 or 2011

version. At the moment I use the standard Mental Ray Rednerer.

I plan to use VRAY later on. But I need to learn WAY MORE

about this and that. Its just the beginning but so much

fun working with it (so far).

I can do simple and small animations (created my own world

with moon and Enterprise 1701D and let it fly across the screen lol)

But no Kinetics or more professional things.

However, I enjoy learning more every day.

But is there anywhere somebody who knows that programme

completely? I guess those guys are hard to find.

And if they know everything about the programme, they

may lost the reality LOOOL (just kidding).

A Movie walking through this scene is almost impossible

with my computers here in that quality. 24 frames a sec,

2 hours a picture in Full HD (or 30 minutes in DVD quality).

Do your calculation :)

But I may do some little walkthroughs with single frames.

First I have to see it in real tomorrow.

Will reality meet fiction? ROOOOOLF

PS.: Bc I got paid for SOME (not all) of this work,

I wrote down the hours. For ALL the endresults I can do

now, I spent around 400 hours in front of the computer

doing modelling and setting up the scenes.

But the pure rendertimes are not included!

Its crazy! Computers are too slow LOL


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Ah, I forgot:

2 months ago when designing the first booth,

I made a little GIF animation what reminds

on a walkaraound.

Those renderings took not very long.

Maybe 1-10 minutes a picture.

Depending on light sources and reflections/refractions.

But still, if you see all picuters

together, its a render time of many hours...

PS.: Pic will be up about 2-5 minutes after my posting. SLOW line here :(



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  • 2 weeks later...


If somebody is interested here:

Show is over and was a success.

The demo booths were well liked by the "owners"

and thats important for me. During the 5 days over

160 000 vistors were counted. I wonder how much

of them did like the booths also hahaaha.

I guess it totally doesnt matter for them, but

however, I made some comparsion pics after "some" correction.

Building something without having plans, just from pictures is

difficult. But soo much errors are not in my "building".

Then the realisation of the booth is not 100% to the visualitsation.

Some things had to be changed and so on. But no big deal.

Here are the comparsion pics:




I have no time to correct everything, maybe one day...

(Unless somebody pays me for that LOL)


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  • 2 years later...

ok, some new (or better: old things in new look?) things here.

since i tested some 3D effects with my programme, i want to share

the results with you. dont know how much i can do in the future,

but from time to time its quite helpful to have this 3D effekt

visualized for people/customers i design something for.

takes over double the time of course to finish the fotos.

2 are needed for each picture (surprise).

i would like to do animated 3D videos with that

pictuere quality, but if you see render times between

30 minutes and over 2 hours for each picture,

you can imagine how long it will really take.

but maybe i get a new version of my programme soon

where that function is implemented...

oh, some people may have noticed them on facebook already.

here you see the pictures for anaglyphic 3D glasses.

means these "cyan(blue)/red" ones what are around for years.

effect comes out pretty well, but colours are of course not real.

but the pro for that method is, nobody needs 3D tvs/monitors/projectors.

just the cheap "cardboard" glasses for 50ct each :)

you even can watch it on your phone.

i for my self have them also as side by side or framepacked

for viewing on real 3D devices.

enough words for now, grab your cheap glasses and have big fun for the buck LOL











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