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  1. I read girl, bass, and horny, all in one sentence. I was thoroughly let down, I kid I kid.
  2. Sundown is truly an amazing company. Steady coming out with new products and yet never stop improving the current products. This is why I'm a steady sundown product owner. Nice work jacob its the little things that count.
  3. To corrie32 its not shoplifting when you're caught and use force, thats strong arm robbery. Also ninja the force by the police is somewhat justifiable because the animals are only peaceful for minimal amounts of time before looting robbing and vandalism occurs. They're just trying to prevent problems. If Brown was confronted by police he should have cooperated and been on his way not got confrontational, no one likes being hassled by cops but just do as they ask (to an extent) and be done. Id bet my years salary he turned it into a racist slur of bullshit and caused more problems than necessary resulting the way it did.
  4. Makes lining all the parts of the motor up a lot less time consuming and frustrating. Dont have the magnetic force fighting you the whole time
  5. I can haz team sundown woofer??? Pretty please? Maybe think about it? Seriously though that thing is a BEAST.
  6. Im gonna switch my order to something else until theyre actually released. They keep pushing the date back every other day and I cant get a response from anyone at sundown or emf
  7. I like how its just like "I casually received a phone call" lmao, wife- who was that? Meade- oh just E40. Props bro id be excited as shit to get a phone call from a little known artist let alone someone like E40.
  8. me too... I emailed sundown about 4 days ago with no response. Ive already pre ordered them with an expected shipping date of april 7th. Dont know if thats shipping when sundown receives them or shipped to customers.
  9. Sundownonly or emf whichever they are now has the x8 on preorder already with expected release date ad april 7th. Is this correct or are they a certified dealer of sundown equipment?
  10. Any pre order info out yet? I have my money ready to be spent on these little bastards.
  11. The black looks good but I like the original better, too many people on the blacked out look kills the originality of it. I think the lex looked perfect the way it was, but the plasti will keep it from getting beat up when driving
  12. I agree, some serve a purpose though. TI baskets have bigger spider landings and shit like that
  13. Damn facebook, people need to start doing this shit for people who dont buy into the facebook shit
  14. Im looking to upgrade my stock speakers in each door to crescendo pwx 6s. Wondering if anyone has used this amp and just how well it performs? Or go with the sk line?
  15. i don't know how many times i have to answer this. I might just copy/paste it to a notepad docutment so i can just paste it again next time someone asks. Look bro, i don't do installs for the public. I am not a stereo shop. My shop is my private garage, my man cave. I only do my own stuff and maybe a few small side jobs from time to time. I avoid doing peoples cars like it was aids infested blood on the floor and my feet have open wounds. I just don't do it. To much liability and CUSTOMERS SUCK ASS. I hate customers. Today, i install your box and an amp. 3 months from now, your horn stops working. Guess who the customer blames, the last person who touched the car, regardless if he (me) went anywhere near the horn. no thanks.... I was only planning on setting Mokes gains with the DD-1 till i saw what he had. If i didn't know him 30 years, he would still be riding around with that shit the way it was. I honestly didnt know. After seeing you do chickens builds and the older boxes and stuff youve done for people. I could assume you werent a public shop obviously but for friends I wasnt aware you had that distaste towards building vehicles. My bad :whiteflag:
  16. I want to know why he didnt bring the car to you to begin with? If I was friends with the best engine builder I could possibly think of I wouldnt take my vehicle to juan on 14th street to rebuild me a race motor, I would wait if I had to for my friend who is renowned for his work
  17. I just listened to the song. He mentions where I live. Polk county and bartow. Thats my back yard, they shouldve at least got a shot of the subs excurting
  18. Thanks nate hopefully it doesnt happen again. I dont think I was banned. Havent done anything or rwcieved any warning if so. Kyle ive tried deleting all my history, cookies, data, turn device off and back on and nothing
  19. This is what I get for hours on end. When I finally dont get that message im only on here for 10 mins before it does it again. Please fix this
  20. That guy is so awesome he probably been motorboatin a pair bailed out shot the chick next to hims boyfriend and started motorboatin hers like nothing happened
  21. Putting an ad up for sale and some one lowballs the shit out of you- Fuck that Working 84 hours a week with no time off for 4 weeks- Fuck that Edit: I read this whole thread and seen a post from 98hoeonsixez post sayin gas was high at $1.97 a gallon. Fuck you gas prices
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