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  1. You could get louder on the 2 15s rather than the 2 18s, but you would need to put a lot more power in the 15s to do so. It would just be easier to get loud with the 18s
  2. Soundqubed has their new HDS series subs that are crazy cheap and seem to be getting great reviews. Wouldn't hurt to check them out
  3. Now you just need to get a DC decal or something to put on the dust cap of that one sub to make it perfect lol No but in all seriousness, your car is becoming a beauty! Edit: Meade beat me to the punch while I was drooling over the pics haha
  4. If those metal cross braces aren't actually attached to the roof, glueing those will make a huge difference by themselves
  5. What exactly are the pros and cons of going this way? Also, could you just take the magnet off a sub and use that as a passive radiator?
  6. I wouldn't do 55w bulbs. They tend to melt headlight housings and are straight up blinding bright.
  7. Also, what made you wanna use 1" mdf instead of 3/4"? 3/4" will be plenty strong
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