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  1. thats tight kevin i bet you get a couple more orders this year just from that def great products
  2. yea his subs def slump hard made my damn head hurt as well enjoy them vvx
  3. once i slap my soundstream 1000 on my e10 ill makea video as well itll be 800 at 2 ohms i already had 680 going to it on another amp just waiting on this amp to come in glad you like the 15
  4. let me tell you i got rid of my 12 inch kicker l3 sub on 450 rms it was in my wifeys scion tc i bought a sundown e10 thats on this halloween special going on and am pushing 680 rms to it at 2 ohms all i can say is im impressed lol i think its too much bass for the wifey and the gains at a quarter am going to dd1 it this sunday i am def pleased i have a video of sub excursion but sound sucks now sure how to upload it on here i got it in a box i built it was my first box 1.17 cu at 35 htz
  5. ive got 2 sa12s on a skar 1500 in my towncar in a 4.5cu ft box at 34 htz and im pretty damn happy with it running all 0 gauge ofc wire and got a xspower 2400 in the trunk im pretty damn happy with it i dont slump hard in the streets unless im on the highway i full tilt it its that much of a heat up i think youd be happy on that power as long as you can keep the juice coming from that amp
  6. thats def more then id like to spend thanks lets hope i can get it figured out tomorrow
  7. worst case if i cant find a signal sticky ill hop on one of them how much did you pay
  8. if anything might just have to use the good ol rms chart
  9. yea steve its a cheap 4 dollar xscorpion i put a l3 in her trunk she wanted just a little bump in her scion im just trying to get it set right so i need 1.8v any way to test to see if im getting that much?
  10. hmmm so your loc could be adjusted mine is just a simple box with i think was 3 wires to it i couldnt find a signal at all using track 1 and 2
  11. john did you ever fix this problem im having it too on my wifes car scion tc
  12. how far are yall driving to go there will you travel 4+ hrs to go to an event like this
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