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  1. I had a friend in high school who had his dad's 24" DJ sub in the backseat of his car for a while running off of an inverter.
  2. PC I'm assuming? If anyone is on PS4 my id is chickenpadthai, just tell me you're from SMD in the friend request. I'm not that great at Pcars yet, would help if I had a wheel but there aren't many options for PS4 at the moment.
  3. Have nicer LOCs been tested to be clean? I'm running an old 3sixty.2 and I want to believe that it's clean, but anytime you alter your signal like that distortion is likely.
  4. So dude earlier sounded like he was talking about class d vs DE. Which really is a topology conversation right? The only way a amp is going to "color" the sound is in distortion figures right? The only two amps where you can hear a noticeable difference I have found is SET tube vs solid state. And that is debatable too. Yup, the amplifier challenge includes any amp class, even class D. This means that any "good" amp should sound the same, regardless of topology.
  5. It's actually $10,000 but since nobody has ever passed it, I think the money is safe. But hey, maybe jrlutor's ears are better than the thousands of audio professionals that have failed the test!
  6. Leo1103 is running 2 XL 15s on a DC 5k, send him a message, he's pretty active on here so he'll probably be happy to have a look at this.
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