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  1. been a good while since i check up on the forum. got a single sub set up coming up soon.......

  2. Quick little video of the hearse from our Ruckus and chill show in nov. Fayetteville NC
  3. they should be fine as long as you set gains decent and don't clip. Ive ran 4- zv3 15s on two scv 6k @ .5. now running four zv4 15 with same set up and it pounds nice.
  4. kicking back today, trying upload some more pics

    1. Kyblack76
    2. str8_n8tv


      whats up brother, trying get these build pics up. u working?

    3. Kyblack76


      naw, im off today, i work wens and thrus is all this week :)

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