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  1. Painting furniture today, OD Green. Here's after the first coat. Three more and drying, will reassemble and post pics this evening. Rifle shoots great, just wanted to break up all the black.
  2. Was kinda wondering what caused that. Were those the brackets originally for the shocks, and just weren't built to handle the full load of the vehicle? Or all the weight from the audio in the back? Kinda a sobering moment in any case.
  3. Love the fact that you never half ass anything, everything ALWAYS looks clean and well thought out, never thrown together. Your "making it work" looks better than most people's "neurotically planned out for weeks".
  4. First Kalashnikov, a Saiga 7.62 x39. Bought it all factory with a couple mags and some loose ammo from my father in law for a screaming deal (prices have been going up since the President's Russian sanctions in December, already the Saigas are getting thin on the ground.) All stock: Modified: Carolina Shooter Supplies PG conversion with a Tapco G2 FCG, Magpul pistol grip, Phoenix Warsaw length stock, Tromix bolt handle, CSS bullet guide and modified mag catch to use AK mags. Not going for an "authentic" AK with wood furniture or a tactical look, just a simple and modern Kalashnikov with synthetic furniture. May tiger stripe the furniture in OD, we'll see. Any other AK variants here? I know the AR's are more popular. Personally, I like the Saiga. It's a bit heavier, built like a damned dump truck, but can't beat the build quality of the stuff coming out of Izhmash's factory.
  5. Funny you mention Wounded Warrior: Some years back, I worked at a FBO/Fixed Base Operator doing private aviation fueling and ground handling. We hosted an event out there, I met the local guys from WW, and I later emailed them offering to volunteer my time and get involved. I explained that I could not afford to make a monetary contribution (was working through college) but that I was a veteran and would like to assist them in local events. Basically, they said "Thanks, but we really just want you to donate money." After that, I pretty much blew them off. Just rubbed me the wrong way that they seamed more interested in bleeding people for money than in helping vets.
  6. Dem Goddamned Newbs!!! Like twice a week somebody shows up, posts in EVERY wrong ass section begging/bitching for enclosure designs. What's wrong with just introducing yourself, chilling out, and warming up to the place before you start hitting everyone up for free help??? Am I the only one that thinks forum courtesy is freaking dead???
  7. Not so much pissed as bummed the fuck out that my little girl is sick as shit. Either a cold or strep, we'll find out tomorrow at the doc. Hate it when she's miserable like this, just tears my heart out.
  8. Gotta know something about it to make a judgement. This'll help though: 1. Outside dimensions. Also need to know if any or all faces of the box are double layered. 2. Need to know the port dimensions, and also if any of the faces of the port share a common wall with the box (ie, is one of the port's four sides made by the outside box panel) That'll at least let us look at what your gross/net airspace is and figure out the port area and tuning. Without those four bits of info no intelligent conversation can be had about whether or not that box will do shit for an SA12.
  9. Well, spit out the box specs and perhaps we can give a comment. All I know so far is "strange box". Net airspace, port area, tuning frequency.
  10. Ferguson bullshit Fuckwits on this forum that start vs threads. Same fuckwits that get an attitude when you call them out for starting a vs thread.
  11. Sometimes it just ain't worth it man. I don't mind driving in ice/snow, I just get worried about that asshole behind me that has no clue how to.
  12. All scammers and thieves should be hung. The internet gives people this impression they can do whatever they want and hide behind their keyboard.
  13. Car show I've been looking forward to for a month is on Sunday. Check the weather forecast; 100% chance of rain ALL FREAKING DAY!!! And, it's the last soundoff/car show for the year. FML.
  14. Outside; sunny, mid 60's, slight breeze, freaking BEAUTIFUL weather. Inside my office; 80 degrees, heater feels like it's stuck on Hell, stuffy, building maintenance loses their shit if you bring a little fan to blow some air on your face to keep cool (unauthorized appliance.) FML.
  15. My sister in law. Perpetual screw up, leaches off the family, my in-laws are already raising her teenaged child because she's too unstable, in and out of rehab. The woman is in her mid 30's and expects Mom and Dad to come to her rescue every time she fucks up (which is often) and support her (constantly hitting them up for money in spite of getting SSI, food stamps, ect.) I've laid into her once or twice over the years, seams to have some effect for a little bit, then back to old habits. What the fuck is so hard about being a responsible adult? I mean, maybe I'm the odd man out because I joined the military young and grew up quick, was paying all my bills and for college, but MOTHER FUCKER some people just can't seam to pull their shit together. rant over, dammit
  16. Thanks. That's the answer I was looking for haha. In other words, Someone validated his opinion, now he's off to clip and blame SMDForums.
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