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  1. i defiantly agree with you on this one. i have never seen the real benefit based on exactly why your saying. I guess i could see some benefit if there was a way to loosely attach them without have them so loose it would bounce But properly bracing the box will stop a lot of that in the first place
  2. Budget wall in progress

  3. THANK YOU! haha with the b stock stuff what is the warranty rules and what kind of defects can we expect to see from the b stock
  4. here is one more idea for keeping the port above the seat. i cannot keep the subs tottaly behind the seats there is a small portion of the subs on the top that will be sticking past the line of the seats. the seat are 25" from the ground. heres the pictures.
  5. Haha yeah I know that was one design idea I had for having the port above the seats just wasn't sure if have the subs close to the seat firing at them was a good idea.
  6. yeah i already took my back headrests off. so if i dont wanna abstruct the port would the same go for the subs as well. if i had the port above the seats i would have to do the sub behind the seat firing at it. If i made sure that the subs would not hit the seats or rub against them would that be okay. if i did this deisgn i would have to keep the the angled sides, which i dont mind because it would make the depth less giving me more extra room in the back.
  7. I would just build I good box the sundowns. And I think I seen you say you stuffed the box with polyfill stuffing to take away some of the space. Adding the polyfill with actually make the subs think they are in a bigger box
  8. not sure if this has always been said but i think making a new box would give you the best possible results.
  9. i hear apposing statments from everyone. I just have the ask and see if more say yes than no. seems like forums are hit and miss for fining the right answer. basically how some people will say a box design is horrible and wont work but them you have some saying its the best.
  10. yeah thats a good point. Is there a problem with the port being there? should the port having something "CLOSE" to fire at? with the windshield being the first thing that the port will fire at which is prob about 4ft away from the port. Idk if that is an issue with a 4th or not. if i had the port under the seat line firing at the seat would that be better or would i give me some better results? I know sound waves need to bouch off of something and have heard the sooner they bounce off a surface the better.
  11. Which box do you think I would have better output from. I've decided I wanna go with a port above my seats so I don't have to have them folded down all the time. This is the best picture I could get of my second row seat. I would like to have the port above the seats. Would that be a good idea or would that all depend on the box type
  12. yeah its down for me too. just goes back to the main page. what is it that make a sub a "good" sub for a 4th order.
  13. Well thanks man. Hopefully some knowledgable will reply. Soon.
  14. okay so ive been working on a few designs i wanna do a wall behind my second row seats so a "C" pillar walls. I know 4th orders have more more potential to get louder as far as spl goes. I've seen a few people run the e series subs in 4th orders but some say they are no suited for a 4th order. Would a 4th order work for the e series info- subs: 4 sundown e15's vehicle: 2004 toyota sequoia location in vehicle : behind second row, c pilar box type: walled 4th order or ported wall amp: ta1.3000d This is a design concept.
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