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  1. So I ended up buying a LOC called the PAC that connects directly in between the HU and the TAU. After hooking it up it seemed to work and my O-scope doesn't pick up any bass roll off anymore. My speakers with the factory amp and the subwoofer with my aftermarket amp both were working. This morning I am having an issue though where the LOC is taking over control of the sound from the car and not sending anything to the factory amplifier. Its pissing me off as I want to use the factory amp for now for the speakers and the Orion for the sub but only the sub is getting signal. If I disconnect the
  2. Hey guys I am trying to find out the cleanest way to hook up my Sundown SA 12 to my 2017 Mazda CX-5 (with Bose). The factory Bose system is making this install more difficult as I am unsure of what to splice into. I would like to bypass the Bose sound system and hook up my Orion amp straight into the headunit if possible. I also have a DSP sitting in a box in the garage that I could also hook up but for now am only wanting to add a subwoofer. There is a stock subwoofer in the tire well in the rear but I don't want to tie into it because of the Bose processing. Just looking for advice or differ
  3. I hope they add the pictures back.. Site looks bland without them.

    1. audiofanaticz


      The site still has 47 different items to update yet such as pictures, pm's, search index, etc. It will be a long while yet.

  4. Wow that is an impressive amp. I can't believe its only $600, maybe I should reconsider getting that one instead of dropping an extra $200 on an amp that puts out around the same power.
  5. Thank you, after reading this I have decided I would rather have more power then I need and be able to turn it down rather then not enough and have to buy everything all over again.
  6. I have been thinking of getting two Sundown D4 X-18s and power them with a Crescendo BC 3500 @ 1ohm. Right now I already have done the big 3 with 2/0 awg OFC and have a singer alt 270 amps sitting in a box ready to be installed. I have a S800.4 atm powering 2 Crescendo tweeters and 2 Crescendo mids already hooked up but wanted to drop in some subwoofers now. Should I go with the Sundown Xs and the BC 3500 for daily use? Otherwise I was going to save my money and just get two Sundown SA-18s with a S1500.1 for daily use. I still am running my stock battery so any suggestions for what type
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