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  1. So i may have jumped the gun from the planning phase and went on and snagged a Taramps bass 5k for myself. With that being said that's the power ive got and would like to be running for the time being, so my question: what would you guys recommend in terms of subs? Ideally i'd prefer to run 2 12s but im not opposed to a single 15 either. i've got roughly 6 cubes to work with and plan on firing forward sealed off from the trunk in an elantra. i was looking at the DC XL elites, FI SP3s or BTLs and the B2 Rage XL subs if i were to go the 2 12 route, but i know most if not all of those can and potentially need more than rated so i'd like some real world input because everything always looks better on paper. I don't want this to turn into any type of VS thread im just looking for honest input from those that know a whole shit ton more than i do before i shoot myself in the foot again. Also as to not bog down the forum with a bunch of questions, would a 45ah lithium batt from limitless suffice with an xspower d4700 under the hood and a 320 amp alt? im having a hard time grasping lithium for some reason. cheers yall.
  2. i just recently looked into mining a little bit, i'm super curious about actually diving in.
  3. I had no part in it but we killed the football field grass in the shape of cock and balls just before the big homecoming game, it was supposed to be broadcast on local tv but they had to cancel the broadcast because of it. petty, but amusing.
  4. you lose all credibility the moment you pull the "say it to my face" stunt. If you really were involved as much as you say i would imagine you've had plenty of hands on experience and would also know there are a ton of other factors that play into how loud X sub or subs can get. Also, his pointing you to the members rides and builds is hardly a non answer, theyre builds that people here have done and have lengthy information about more often than not with scores being posted as they build and test, but given your answers it leads me to believe you have yet to go look and just want to pick fights on the interwebz.
  5. ^ agreed. I personally enjoy antagonizing those deeply religious people and all these weird ass gender peeps from time to time, the majority of them have absolutely no idea what theyre talking about and have a very amusing meltdown within minutes of starting a conversation. Probably not the best thing to do but its fun. Edit: I'm identifying as a soggy overcooked unseasoned chicken wing today, anybody have a gender for that?
  6. "Adamasgender- A gender which refuses to be categorized." didnt make it much further past this one but i found it very amusing. did anyone get through all of it? i identify as an attack helicopter on weekdays and a deflated beach ball on weekends i was wondering if there was a gender for that.
  7. someone correct me if im wrong but 7 cubes is a bit on the huge side for a single 15 and some useable or preferred dimensions are gonna be necessary as the starting point for anyone to properly help you out along with power youre planning on running, etc.
  8. Guys, maybe were going about this all wrong, maybe that amp is the last piece of the puzzle, maybe once he puts that on his audiobahn woofers in his prefab box from his "music" videos it'll be so impressive that all of our money was well spent..
  9. if youre gonna spend a grand on a ~3k watt amp why not get something thats actually built well and will do rated for about the same price?
  10. I have a lengthy gap between classes most days and these are always welcome. Funny reads.
  11. do some freelance work and build up a "professional" portfolio, it'll help out, but while youre just starting out doing freelance stuff expect the pay to be just a cut above being spit on. Edit- i'm also in the process of getting to school for some sort of graphic design and/or programming of some sort, havent dialed in what exactly yet, but i used to ask the managers or owners of places i worked if they would be willing to pay me to redo a website/logo/menu/etc. at a lower pay then the guy that they had hired, they all gladly agreed knowing they could rip off an 18 year old kid but it allowed me to build up a portfolio that will hopefully be of some use to me once i have the degree, if not the extra money was nice. thats the thing about digital art, not many understand it fully and theres quite a few odd and unique places that you'd never think to look that are in desperate need of some work done, ask around locally and check out online, theres plenty of (hopefully decent paying) freelance work around until you find something more secure.
  12. instead of tuning by ear why not just set our subs on fire so we can physically see em burning up? no? just me?
  13. Everybody I know is talking about it, couldn't care less about the controversy from it but is it worth checking out?
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