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  1. Got 2 xs power 3300 amp Batts. Big threes done..and I'm.installing a mechman 370. I fuse the power wire from alt to battery with a 400 amp fuse right. Now since my b atteties are in parallel do I fuse the power wire connecting them on each end with a 400 amp fuse as well.
  2. Bout to install a mechman 370. I have two xs power batteries in parallel. 400 amp fuse from alternator to battery right? But does the power wire from battery to battery also need a 400 watt fuse? On each end. Thanks mike

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    2. JungleSlut


      Their at least 5' apart. One on the end the engine bay. I have a 400 amp fuse on the alt. Even tho I may not need it since that wire is roughly 4 feet. And I've decided to go with 400 amp fuses battery to battery since my research recommend 300 max fuse rating for 1/0 wire. And I have 2/0. Sound good to you guys?

    3. JungleSlut


      One on each end* 

      And alt to battery is 2.5 '*

    4. WalledSonic


      Fuse it all in your case.

  3. That's awesome shade tree Be good to know. Ill be running a mechman 370, 2 xs power 3300 amp Batts and 2 runs of 2/0 gauge ofc so I'm thinking I'll be good for power.. I went all out to start. I had run 2 runs of 2/0 ground cable as well back to batteries but just pulled those out yesterday cuz someone mentioned they add more resistance than grounding to frame. I was worried about engine noise but my system isn't ready just yet.so no point worrying about it yet. Waiting on my birch to get her before I build the box.just working on putting In the new alt and soddering all ym connections rn. Will have a member build page shortly. Thanks again for the help
  4. Damn trit. Figured it was worth something. Having that 1000 volt range stamp. Even tho I'll never use it for anything more than 480/600 out on a rig. Anyways I tried what u said and was.able to find the DC on my battery. Then Did a bit of research on AC and DC which helped me understand what setting for whay I'm testing. Still not 100% sure how to figure out resistance in a ground location but I'm.sure if I check Google or the site I'll find it. Tha KS for the help again triticum bro
  5. Gave em all a shot. 😥 For a quick process of elimination
  6. Is It any good. Looks expensive. I can run the simple ones. Just turn the dial till I find the voltage. But this perticular meter I pressed all the buttons and turned all the dials I could and could not find 12 volts on my damn battery. All I want to do is test ohms. Volts. And amps. And see if I got good grounds. How do I find this out. These sybmols.mean nothing to me. I know the ohm symbol.and the v is for volts. But that's all I know. And not having an instruction manual kinda fucks me
  7. If your amp runs at 18 k why u wanna run 24 volt battery. Fuck bro I could sell you a couple batteries from the rig that run at 24 volts and charge off 240 amp alternator but that would be stupid cuz those Batts are huge and you'd need new suspension for that shit. U could also take some 6v golf cart batteries. Take 3 of them and run them in series for 18 volts. That would be less stupid. I thought if u had good alt. Good Batts. And good wiring you don't need a capacitor. Isn't that for Honda Civic who's lights dim when the bass hits?
  8. I'd like to throw airbacks on the front and back but cannot for the life.of me.find a kit for the all.wheel drive. Anybody got any ideas?
  9. .oP like the whip. I have a 6'2 myself. Corsa headers exhaust. Volant cold air. Super chips ecu tuner programed to racing on 94 octane. Alot of diesels do not like my.truck 😅
  10. I'd stay away from knu koncepts. Bought 0 awg ofc power wire to have matching colours. That wire has split in 2 places right down to the copper.on me. Not impressed. The rubber casing doesn't like bends or heat..cheap garbage.
  11. If my amp has 2power inputs and on the amp instructions it says 400amp fuse recommended. Do I fuse both power wires with a 400 amp fuse or a 200 amp fuse on each?

    1. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      200 amp fuse on each run

      If dual inputs do 4 100 amp fuses

    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Inb4 you fuse for the wire.

  12. Awesome thanks so much for the replies. I used 38 square feet of second skin pro on my doors and 38 square feet.of dynamat max because it was half off on Black Friday. When's the next big sale of second skin? Would really like another 38 square feet of the price was right. I'm in Canada so shipping's a bitch
  13. So my doors are damped inside and sealed and damped again. Front and back. How important is it to do the roof. I'm guessing I maybe should with a sub on a 4.5 k amp? Also my vent will be facing upwards. And I kind of ran out of dampener in the back cabin of my truck. So I got the back wall covered. By the back pillars I just have square chunks here and there and same with the floor just to get rid of the hollow sound. I think I read somewhere every surface doesn't have to be covered to work properly. U can put sheets here and there. Just wondering if there's any truth to that.