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  1. This one is out of my experience...... but on the 12's 3.5 net tuned to 34hz is good. You might wanna play with port area, 48-60" of port 46" IMO would be fine 1500-2000 watts..... i read on another post someone was asking joeX and he suggested around 60" of port.... might get more feed back if you post in the subwoofer section ... or search through other sa-12 posts, sa-12 is talked about ALOT on this forum, lots of builds.
  2. Daddy_ Idk if you got the answered you need, you havent responded back... I suggested 4 cubes net tuned to 32-34 with 48 sq inches of port will support 1500-2000 watts just fine. Too nasty suggested more port, but hasent give any numbers of how much I suggest you ask joeX or triticum they may give you a better answer if your not satisfied with my suggestion.
  3. You suggest 52" or more ? I heard the SA's dont need a ton of port, 48" @ 4 cubes is 12" per foot. Port velocity will be fine in those suggestions huh ?
  4. http://sundownaudio.com/index.php/subwoofers/sa-series Sundown says 1.5-2.0 net for the sa-12 If it was my build i would do 4 cubes net tuned to 32hz with 48" of port... i think the box will be fine up to 2000 watts RMS
  5. upgrade time "the goat" v2 coming soon

  6. I know this is an old post but no one answered you yet. Usually 12-15 inches of port PER cubic foot net. I.E 4 cube box = 48-60 square inches of port. Port area also depends on power applied and how under or over sized your box is.
  7. Agreed 100% broke_audio_addict just curious what upgrades are avalible for a rebuild if sub got physically damaged. Or if in the next few years i wanna "refresh it" with better soft parts to be able to handle more power. Maybe sundown can chime in with factory upgrades they have avalible for the SA-18
  8. What kind of support is out there for upgraded soft parts. Cones, spiders, voice coils, surround ? Just beefier parts to allow more excursion and higher RMS... Online there is tons of support for other brands and models but i cant even find a 18" cone with 2.5" voice coil hole.... looking for info so i know what kind of options i have with this sub when its time to recone... Maybe a factory cone from sundown with SPL coils and high roll surround off a ZV4 18" ???
  9. SA-18's on the way !!!

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Cant wait to get mine, been a while since I've had an 18.

    2. mcfalcon


      Nice man. Can't wait to see the guild.

    3. mcfalcon
  10. Thank you, im running a 1500 watt amp right now on my budget 15's and i was asking if i needed to upgrade to a 2k when i recieve and install my 18's looks like my current 1500 will do just fine.
  11. I just bought two SA-18 subs. Im doing a wall build in my truck and looking for typical ported box size and port area (looking for reference when im tweaking the box in my program) I know their rated at 600 rms but i hear people throw MUCH more, so would 1k each sub be more realistic ?
  12. Trying to explain to this kid that thhn cable (building wire) is NOT used for power and ground......... he dont freakin listen !!!
  13. daily beater 15's tuned @ 35hz

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