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  1. Increasing a ground wire size IMO would not cause a starter to fail.... either the part was faulty or the install was wrong... ive never heard anyone say an electrical upgrade caused issues.... think of you swapping out your standard water hose for a firehose, your able to flow more water now do to the bigger hose size, same concept... i think your over thinking it bro... If your running a stock ALT i would take off that ground you added to the ALT case and just use the engine ground... Starter may sound like its "exploding" due to increased ground wire the return path isnt as "restrictive" so the electrons can move in and out faster... just my opinion
  2. What ever grounds you replace make sure your upgraded wire goes in the same spot ! I removed the factory 8 and 6 gauge power and ground wires on my truck and replaced with 1/0 when i did the big 4 Alt to battery + Frame to battery - Body to battery - Engine block to battery - I didnt relocated any mounting points, i just used the factory points.
  3. Doing a big 3 or big 4 upgrade WONT hurt your car.... All your doing is installing bigger wire to allow electrical path to flow easier... Nothing more, nothing less. Chances are your starter was going out to begin with... Its almost imposible to screw up a big 3 upgrade... Make sure your mounting points are free of paint and your connections are clean and tight.
  4. upgrade time "the goat" v2 coming soon

  5. I dont know each specific differences but i do know the internal componets are different to handle its designed function. The s1500 is engineered for subwoofers and the s1500f for mid range drivers.
  6. Cresendo has two 1500 watt amps. One is ment for mids and the other is for subs, they are built different hope you chose the correct one.*** this is the one for subs *** http://www.down4soundshop.com/symphony-s1500-1-out-of-stock-eta-tbd/ *** this one is for mids *** http://www.down4soundshop.com/symphony-s1500-1f-this-model-is-for-mid-range-not-subs/ Just in case you didnt know
  7. SA-18's on the way !!!

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Cant wait to get mine, been a while since I've had an 18.

    2. mcfalcon


      Nice man. Can't wait to see the guild.

    3. mcfalcon
  8. Trying to explain to this kid that thhn cable (building wire) is NOT used for power and ground......... he dont freakin listen !!!
  9. daily beater 15's tuned @ 35hz

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