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  1. Looking for a sub with fs of 30 and qts of .6 plus or minus 2 on fs and plus or minus .02 on qts. 

  2. I'd recommend cresendo 6.5s and your gonna have to find somewhere to hide tweeters if you don't want anything to show. The pwx 6.5s can handle 150watts, says up to 250 on their website.
  3. Cadence beast 12 140$ 800rms 1800peak or Rockville k6 12 75$ 600 rms 2400peak both d4 coils. what would you guys pick? I know you guys would tell me to save up and get other subs and by all means if you can find me a 10 or 12 with these same parameters or somewhere in between I'll definitely consider them but I doubt you'll find any. I can run up to 4k for power. Box help would be greatly appreciated.


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    2. bmwking


      i like searching budget subs.  its kinda fun for me to try to get the best bang for the imaginary buck.


      to that end look into these:

      Power Acoustik MOFO-124X 1500rms $120 https://www.amazon.com/Power-Acoustik-MOFO-124X-12-Inch-Subwoofer/dp/B004TAO71U


      I've personally run a pair of these soundstreams on 2k daily in a prefab.  they sounded great at the time.

      Soundstream T5.124 1000rms $130 https://www.caraudioco.com/products/soundstream-t5-124?variant=12487870513194 


      just some options that i would actually trust more than cadence.  i'm having a love/hate thing with rockville right now because the 4 channel i got is doing a beautiful job holding me over while my beast 4 channel gets fixed.

    3. Jake the snake

      Jake the snake

       2 k6s doing 151 on 3k. I have a rock ford prime 1200 and t1500, Memphis 1500 at 2 ohms, and 2 audiopipe apmi 2ks that if I wanted I could strap. These are my power options. I know 1 can't take 4k daily. I saw the cadence 15 takeing 1200 on a video, not free air, so that seems like it also takes rated power. Do you know what the ts parameters are for either subs you suggested? I only need the fs and qts for me to make my decision.

    4. bmwking


      MOFO-124X - fs 30.3, Qts 0.44

      T5.124 - fs 35.8, Qts 0.62

  4. Cadence by 12 or Rockville k6 12 which should I buy

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    2. mathewyocham


      The k9 series were pulled because of an issue with the glue on the coils.

    3. bmwking


      ohhh right yeah

    4. Jake the snake

      Jake the snake

      Theres a bunch of decent budget subs out there for 15 inch subs but I am trying to downsize a bit from my 3.5 cubic ft box with my 2 psi platform 1s 10s in it. I want a 2 cubic ft box for a single 12 so I have more trunk space in my hatchback. I could just downsize to 1 10 on 2k in a 1.5-1.75 cubic ft box but I'm trying to get a sub that sounds similar to my old Rockford p3 10s.

  5. I think that only applies to big battery banks being charged with stock alts. If your running the alt hard trying to recharge batteries and alot of them there's alot of long term stress going on. Longer you pull more amps than alternator can replace more strain occurs over time. Bigger power draw like 2k on 80 amp alt at full volume doing a sign wave means big strain to maintain voltage. By the way I'm all about budget. I have 2 audiopipe 2ks I bought new for about 170 a peice, you can still pick them up for 180 online. Cresendo isn't worth the money unless you go sub 1 ohm real shit, I had one so I know you'll be just as happy with that audiopipe. Certified - dynamic Audiopipe 2k does like 1900-2200 170$ Cresendo 2k does like 2200- 2700 450$ Rockford t1500 does 1800-3200 350$ Prices I paid. Obviously the Rockford is more but that's what I paid for mine that I found used on OfferUp. The cresendo might be 50-100 more because I got mine on a black Friday sale. For 340 I got 2 2k audiopipes on 2 psi platform 1 10s in 3.5 cubic ft box. I have stock alt in my 2017 Mazda 3 and no secondary battery, or upgraded primary, and no big 3 which I very much am thinking of doing soon.
  6. so ive come to my conclusion regardless of what othere people have told me because what im trying to explain to people there just not getting. So now i have purchased my p3 15s for a cool 250$ for 2 with a temporary box and its being powered by a rockford prime 1200. i will be building my own. I have started to seek out other drivers with slightly different peramitors close to what this old dd 500 12 has. Fs of 32 qts of like 6.5-6.8. Im thinkin maybe 30 fs with 6 qts or a lower fs or 24-28 with a qts between 5-6. Ive found plenty of subs from asendant audio, like the chaos series 15, some from incriminator audio and im really liking the videos from bassman1439 of his ssa evil 15s but id only get 2-4 15s not 8 like his crazy ass. I still feel like i want tens and not 15s but it is either difficult to get these peramitors in a ten or no one is currently making them or i just havent found one yet. Let me know what ya guys think.
  7. I had a listen to a jl w6 10 tuned to 30 hz in my car and it didnt have enough upper bass tone so thats what leads me to think i need a higher qts with 36-38. Box tune. ill build the box with pvc ports so i can expeiriment with the tune at 25 and at 38. I was curious about wether or not i should do a bandpass of some type because to get two peaks would in a sense be easier with these enclousers, lets say 25 hz vented section 36-40 hz other sealed / vented section? 1 15, 1 12, 2 10s, 2-3 8s I was also considering sealed with 3 12s or 2 15s but ive never delt with sealed boxes
  8. I dont have a computor for win isd but am looking to get one soon, as of now i am just working with my phone a jig saw and info from others builds as well as the ones ive done already. Im looking into door speakers too. Im looking at the audison apk 6.5, jl c2 650 components and hertz hsk 165s. Do you guys have any recomdations for a set of components that have good midbass? What i have to work with as far as build right now is a 2017 mazda 3 hatchback, 5 cubic ft of trunk space, stock electrical, 1 run of zero gauge to sub amp, 1 run of what looks like 8 gauge to my jl400xd done by the shop. I have morel tempo ultra 6.5 components in front, polk audio db6.5s coaxials in rear doors. Speakers set at 90, sub set at 120. I am currently running an old svc dd500 12 in a 2.5 cubic foot box made for a jl w6 12 off of a memphis 1500bd getting about 600 watts at 4 ohms and it sounds very good. I have 2 dd 15 inch 600 series coming from dd right but i just checked the air space they needs and i can only run one which should be fine since it can take up to 1800 watts max. Fs 32 qts 6.8 xmax 13. So your saying i should build a box tuned to 20 hz for the 15 inch dd sub if i dont want to unload the sub with 1000-1500 watts playing the decafed version of big kirt my sub which has been slowed to where the bass hits down to 20 hz?
  9. Your definatly got it right. My interest in the smaller subs is the quickness of the driver due to its decreased mass due to over size difference between an 8 and 12. I was ready to get the 15 inch version of the p3 but moving from a 10 to 12 inch i noticed some differences that i didnt like. The higher notes were no where near as defined and i felt as if the mass of the driver was hindering qts performance even though the new 12 only had at most a .3 qts difference being 4.7, the p3 is 5.0. I also have the new 12 which is a morel primo 12 in a box designed for a jl w6 12 so the box is not made specifically for the primo. Now the other thought on the cause of the horrible sound was that it was unloading. at the time i didnt know the p3s even according to rockford wouldnt go below 28 at or above rated power. I had two d2 10s and im not sure what impedence load i ended up wiring them but i had only a 300-500 watt amp powering both of them and at close to max undistorted volume unloading would happen. I play a lot of slowed music so there are plety of songs that are going under 30 also. I am definatly looking in the lower power range of subs as well because my current daily driver has no ho alt option and it might never because its a mazda and the indistry isnt interested in mazda because they make it hard for installers to do anything to get the system right. Im not sure what the port length width or height was for the box with the p3 and i also dont have the p3s anymore because i sold them to upgrade to 2 american bass xr 12s and a cresendo 2000. I now have sold both amp and subs because i didnt like the low qts and 35 fs of the xr 12s and the new car cant handle 2500 watts for more than 2 songs close to max volume. 2500 becaise i have a jl 400/4xd under front passanger seat. I will try to include a picture from where i bought the box. I do know internal volume was 1.5 for each 10 inch p3.
  10. Yes what you said is true. I am using that value as a guide for how loose the suspension is. When the suspention is loose and you have a higher qts the higer bass notes of 40hz-80 even 120hz were more pronounced or just sounded more natural to me. Also the suspension being loose allows for the sub to recreate low notes better as long as it has enough xmax to allow for the actual air mass to in the end result match the output of the higher more easier for amp to output frequencies. So in my expierience i have a fs of 26 very easy to move suspension and with it being easier to move in the mid 20s the sub has more defined low end curve as well as leaving space in the audio spectrum for cabin gain and port tune to fill in the 30-40 hz ranger, i have a qts of 5 which allows the sub to play a wider verioty of types of bass notes due to that qts is a measure of the quickness of the drivers movements ie giving you a false sense of output on high notes which is actually more defined sound, and finally an xmax of 14 which allows enough air output for low notes so that the port tune can be higher giving you more upper range. I have had a sub that had 40 fs like 3.8 qts and idk how much xmax but lets say 16. The subs was not cleanly reproducing bass because the suspension was tite and it wasnt quick enough to reproduce quicker puchy bass. Finally the higher xmax even with the help of a low box tune did not provide enouge low bass out put and it had a bad peak up high and down low.
  11. Im looking for a subwoofer either 8,10, or 12 inches with a low fs under 30. A qts between 5 and 5.6, also a decent xmax to support music down to 20 hz. I ask these requirements because i had 2 rockford p3 10s which i would buy again in a heartbeat if it werent for the fact that it can only go as low as 28 hz accord to sonicelectronix. i can vouch that it doesnt hit low notes without a loud sharp sound which i thought was coil hitting magnet. So the sub must also play down to 20 hz full power and be at or under 250$. I have also used a morel primo 12 which was a decent replacement but needs more xmax and a bit higher qts but it does hit 20 hz. I am considering buying a cadence s1 w8 but want some feedback from everyone here to see if they have any helpful experiences with similar taste in subwoofers.
  12. Yes that's true but the volume that the box is would determine the type of response it would provide. So in that way there is an optimal volume when sealed for each different woofer. I'm asking and may just use a similarly rated DC subs as reference because American bass provides a one box fits all design that is used for a woofer that has any where from 300 watts up to 1500. By that I mean on there website theres one design for 10 inch woofers and one for 12s but it doesn't seem right that a 300 watt and a 1500 watt woofer can use the same sealed box.
  13. So I just swapped my old 2001 Honda Accord sedan with a new 2017 mazda3 hatchback. I need help finding a way to get deminsions for a box that I'm going to be making for my subs. I have 2 American bass xr12s left over from my old build in the Honda but the problem is I need space in the trunk because it sucks having to pack my rear seats with groceries and craming family members in who have decided they want to bring there big ass purses and back packs with them. So the trunk deminsions I've measured out are 42 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 20 inches high. I learned from my last build that I want a sealed box but I'm not sure what I want to tuneing frequency to be. I'm open to using 1 sub in the mean time if need be. Also I'm curious that if I invert the woofers would I be able to fit both in. I'm hopeing to keep about 26 inches of width in the trunk. I'll be giving singer alts a call but If anyone knows where I can get an ho alt otherwise I would really appreciate it considering I'll be running about 1100-2200 watts off of my crescendo bc2000.
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