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  1. Should get a decent amount louder . . Just make sure electrical is good and forsure the enclosure is correct
  2. got a taramps 10k on the way to try on the zcons

  3. You mite hear a little difference. Its just is the extra little bit worth the extra money
  4. think im getting this cherokee I looked at today for my new audio vehicle

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    2. frogcase2002


      Im hoping. Test drove it yesterday. . Its really small from the b-piller forward. . My alt that I already got will fit it and its got the strait 6 in it with not to many miles

    3. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Get it and get to building

    4. frogcase2002


      Got it. . Mite only do a c-pillar wall in this vehicle for now

  5. got everything out of the van finally. been sweatin my ass off

  6. sucks having to take all the audio out of a big build when your vehicle gets totalled. I guess its on to the next one

  7. I would just make a good baffle for the neos. One in each door. Its all about the installation. And as stated above more is not always better
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