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  1. Trying to upload some videos that Alec sent me from his snapchat story I have some stories I would like to try and splice together but I've never tried it before. If you click on them it takes you to Flickr and can play them.
  2. Alright so I kind of finished the Jeep enough to go to a show this weekend. I got everything fused and my voltage would not charge where it needed to be. I think it's because I'm trying to run two alts off of one regulator. So for the show I elected to run down an alt, last night I ordered another regulator I will have to install it by the 15th. At the show I had a couple issues out of the gate, first of all it wasn't loud enough. So we bumped up the gains and re-gain matched them all. Secondly the electric fan under the hood wouldn't turn on. So I ended up wiring it straight to the battery and disconnecting it when the Jeep wasn't running. I plan to put it on a switch. Overall I think the show was a success I had a lot of fun and the Jeep got a good amount of compliments. Oh also someone was kind enough to meter it for me. I did a 58 legal on the dash at 42 Hz and a 54 drivers door open on the dash at 28 Hz. I think it has great range it might not be a subsonic machine but it will definitely choke you up. I got a demo in my own passenger seat and it definitely hurts. It will be interesting to see if I can gain anything with the second alt up and running. So goals for the next two weeks include finding space for the second external regulator under the hood, wiring it up, wiring the fan to the toggle switch, and welding up a brace for the roof/windshield (I need to get the steel tubing for it).
  3. I used carriage bolts in place of the plastic clips to hold the bottom of the panel to the door. I wanted to do threaded rod but most of the places I could go through theres a void or something behind the door skin. Alright drumroll please.... Finished and installed.I also put more deadener on the doors before installing as I felt they were going to need it. Tight fit Oh also I got the interior put back in. Couldn't call this build project silent night without a little ECD Customs Galaxy Wrap. If it doesn't look familiar it's from the same company the did the Galaxy Max Duramax. I put a couple wrinkles in it when installing but for the most part they're hid by the passenger seat thankfully. Trim panels and vinyl on. Seats and everything else in place Galaxy Max because it's awesome and I can't not share it. So essentially I'm in the home stretch. I need to install all of my fuses, clean all the dust and such up and I need to tune my amps. I think that's it, I think the roof may need more vibraflex but we will see. There is a show this weekend so I'm definitely going to try and go.
  4. After everything was good and hard it was time for filler and sanding...lots of sanding. After all that it was time to prime/paint/bedliner. Afterwards I cut out the backs using a jigsaw and a cutoff wheel. Made some grills using the insides of my cutouts, they'd have turned out better if the metal hadn't got all bent/dented in shipping but it is what it is. I basically just used tinsnips and my hands to make them. Oh also I switched my choice of midshipmen's, I ditched the PWX 8's and went with some Eminence Neo 8's that Quentin at DSS was selling. Definitely saved me a lot of weight per door. Hoping they sound great.
  5. Alright so my door panels are installed and everything in them is wired up. Overall I'm happy with how the doors came out for this being a first try at ever making any. I'll try and explain the pictures as well as I can. First I made the panel to hold everything and cut out all the holes, which was a tight fit. Then I made a trim ring and used a 30 degree chamfer to get a nice edge. Wrapped panels in fabric, lots of staples later. Fiberglass and resin naturally.
  6. Well I'm still working on the doors I can only do so much sanding before I get sick of it, I did get my VC1 holder done I think it turned out great. Tried to capture a picture of it lit up but it was so bright or something my phone wouldn't pick up the numbers. I also did some more sanding and finished the beauty panels they will look better installed but they're done.
  7. Alright so I've been slacking on the updates a little bit. Aside from working on my doors I've been modifying my ash tray to hold my voice coil temp sensor display. Getting sick of fiberglass to be honest but you gotta do it. A little filler and some sanding and this thing will be ready for paint. Also I think I said my build wouldn't be pretty or have any lights but I guess I lied, I wanted to show off the sex inside my enclosure. I didn't want to do LED strips so I got cubes. It was only $13 for the pair and if the first one fails I have a spare I had to modify the bracket and the Allen wrench to get the cube to mount in my application but at least I got it in there. I tried pointing it at the back of the box first and I wasn't happy with the output so I re aimed it at a 45 degree angle or so. Overall I'm happy with the output. If you don't like the light that's fine, I think it looks better in person for the record. Stay tuned for door updates, I hope to have them done by the weekend.
  8. Holy lithium bank, I almost bought 3 of those 73's but I'm thinking 2 will suffice.
  9. Lets see here I put on a sticker, not really a huge fan of sticker bombing the outside of vehicles not sure if I'll use more on the insides like the one I used or not. Welded on some bolts for frame grounds as there wasn't any good ones. Attached wires to said bolts to do the big 3 or whatever. I also made a good amount of progress on my door panels I think they will remain top secret until they're done. Surprises make it better anyways right?
  10. Ok so I guess it's been too long since I've updated this. Anyhow state finals was this last weekend and I didn't make it lol, surprise surprise. So lets see I got my alts back from mechman really fast it was like two days and they were on their way back I think it was $280 for repairs. I had the bracket sand blasted as the paint looked like crap so I think it looks better now at least in my opinion. I also built out the bottom of the wall and sealed it off with loctite foam. Cut the vent out of the floor that takes heat to the rear to cut down from the bulge caused by wiring and trimmed the carped to fit. Wired up almost every amp I just need like 10 feet of Red Electron Beam 2/0 to finish, somehow I have plenty of black left but no red. To be honest I think my wiring looks pretty good considering 2/0 isn't the worlds most flexible stuff. So making wooden trim panels has never been my strong suit but luckily it's just for looks not for sealing. Started on trim fiberglass beauty panels, last Saturday I got resin in my eye so I haven't done anything since then today was the first day I could actually see well enough to go back to work so from now on WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. So basically I need to finish the trim panels, do door panels which is going to suck, a little more wiring and tune some amps and that will be it I think. Thinking about putting in for time off for Ruckus and Chill would just have to find a trailer to tow the Jeep as it's about a 14 hour drive. Thanks to anyone that's still following this.
  11. Alright so more updates made a little progress this weekend, all my 2/0 is ran and secured, relays are all wired and the fans are up and running, speaker wires and RCA's are ran, toggle switches for VC1 and volt meter are wired up, amps are mounted, alts are removed and packaged to ship back to Mechman and I think that's about it. I will say this build definitely has the most wiring out of anything I've ever dealt with. More updates soon I hope, hopefully Mechman doesn't charge too much for repairs. I modified the seat brace so that the wires could run through and hopefully not mess up the carpet so bad. Money shot....
  12. Warning this post is likely to be long winded for the small amount of progress that has been made, consider yourselves forewarned. So the jeep has been pretty neglected for the last month, basically it comes down to not being motivated to work on it after work and doing other things on the weekends. Ive actually done a small amount the last couple of nights. However things seem to be one step forwards and ten steps backwards. So after getting the dual alts installed I made a bracket to hold my regulator, relay and fuse holder the flimsy piece of sheet metal wasn't going to cut it. Got it wired and installed couldn't get regulator to work. Luckily it was an easy fix. Then things went downhill fast I plugged the factory alt plug into the bottom alt for temporary purposes and it started smoking. On top of that after I got it unplugged my Jeep wouldn't start it would crank and crank but not start. Luckily tonight I pulled all the fuses under the hood and found that my injector fuse was blown so the Jeep runs again I got super lucky there. However my bottom alt is now not charging so I have to take it off and send it in to Mechman to have them look at it. Thinking I will send both of them just in case as I don't want to have any more problems. I plan to still work on the Jeep with the alts off but I probably won't be making leaps and bounds, thanks for checking in. Also for the record I don't know if one of the alts was bad when I got them used or if something happened to it while it sat on the shelf but obviously something was wrong with it don't want to blame anyone and don't know so it is what it is, hopefully the repairs are cheap. Stand for stuff. Lot of wire in a small space, basically how everything will look, needs a little tidying up but you get the idea.
  13. I thought it pulled off pretty easily, however I know some little pieces got stuck on I think it depends on how well the foam contours etc. It really shouldn't be bad at all, what did get stuck I removed with a razor blade to peel up a little edge to pull the piece off.
  14. Well here's what we will do this is a link to the build log album on Photobucket http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/nkrell11/library/The Jeep Build*everything done will be uploaded here. I will switch to Flickr for everything from here on out. The dual alt setup is on I haven't wired up the transpo or anything but I did hook up the factory connections to test that everything would spin. All I needed was a slightly smaller idler pulley and a slightly longer belt as I bypassed my AC. I ordered a belt that was too long the first time but the second one I ordered fit like a glove. For anyone wanting to do what I did the parts I purchased were a Continental Elite 4060887 and a Dayco 89175. So if you guys remember correctly I bought a used stock alt bracket and was going to use it to locate an alt where my AC was. Well I scrapped that idea as it was going to be a pita but I did still use the bracket. After some heavy modifications this is what was left of it. For some reason the paint didn't cure well even though it sat for 24 hours at least, but I wasn't going to take it back out to repaint it. Oh also I chose to bypass the AC as it was easier and I don't really need it. Also it made it easier to guess the belt size I'd need.
  15. Well I don't know what to do with all my build logs now. As you can see photobucket has decided to be a bunch of assholes and try and squeeze me for some money. For my pictures to show up they want $400 annually and that's not happening, I don't like just sharing the links because then you have to go back and forth plus it's not like I want to go back and edit every post I've made with pictures in it. So I'm kind of at a loss sad day.