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  1. Look into a Painless! wiring kit. Most of the work is already done for you, besides putting it in.
  2. Thanks man, would have been done a long time ago if the shop wasn't 45 minutes away. And all that scrap 1/0 keeps me in the 13s full tilt. Thanks man
  3. Still keeping it low, undergained the sub amp (well the mids/highs amp, too since i'm running double RMS) until the suspensions soften up some.
  4. thanks. Not a lot of traffic anymore, without your post this was a UBL...
  5. Morel 6.5s all the way around Kilmat on the outer panel, back and front on the inner panel.
  6. The wiring isn't permanent, but it's playing now. Do plan to finish the mounting board in matching purple. 4 gauge for speaker wire? why not?
  7. Perfect fit under the folded third row. Start off with three, add more later if I need them. Not where the fuse block went finally, but would have been cleaner there if I could have made it work with what I had.
  8. Never even got to use the jasper jig. But the jigsaw hasn't let me down yet. 2x Kilz the kid digs purple, her pick Comes out to 9.5 cubes net.
  9. all glue no hardware. Glue a few pieces after work and then go home. Repeat this every day for a week.
  10. Finally got around to getting a video uploaded, so now here's the log. Start off with some MDF fun. Apartment living sucks, so using an old suite at work for now to work in
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