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  1. Yup. Tried the samsung and it froze, tried just a simple fitbit and it took a crap out on me after about 6 months, tried the fitbit blaze and it also froze, tried the apple watch and I was not happy with it and unimpressed. I may be WAY too perticular, but I have just realized I prefer my good ol’ watches!
  2. Step 1. Turn off watch Step 2. Turn back on Step 3. Did this solve problem? Step 4. If not, throw watch in garbage and get a classic time piece! lol. Sorry to hear about your problems. I have tried a couple “smart watches” now. They all suck IMO and I have went back to my good old fashion time pieces every time!
  3. I have to be honest and say based on your reply it sounds like you have your mind set on picking them up, and partially defending some of their short comings. That being the case why ask for input from people? Just buy some and see how they pan out for you then.
  4. Looking to buy a “like new” condition IM-SG. I regret selling my original one now! Lol. But looking for a good price on a used one now! Pm me if you have one you are looking to sell
  5. Well I am blown away how far off topic this got...but carry on! Good reading material, and great versus thread!!
  6. I love me a good versus thread on this forum and how shortly they get locked down for obvious reasons. So I figured I would pose the question, which do you prefer? Sub versus threads -or- Amp versus threads? lol. My apologies. I just get a kick out of them popping up daily! Merry New Year!
  7. Pretty sure they offer them on WC Car Audio, otherwise you could go pick up a reasonably cheap case from harbor Freight. I am sure ebay has plenty of options. Really possibilities are endless, just depends on how much you are trying to spend on the case!
  8. I don’t know if this is an all time low head shaking moment reading this, or one of the ballsy-ist mooching attempts I have ever read. Real head scratching eyes wide open type of comment man!!
  9. At that price point they better at least be using stainless steal Dayton wire wheels and not some cheap Chinese knock-offs!! Lmao
  10. I can’t stop looking at this and thinking about how good the craftsmenship on the woodwork is, quickly trumped by the horrible black wire just laying there. Can’t help but question how much money was invested in this and they couldn’t take the time to run the wires behind the wall or something far more asthetically pleasing??!
  11. More power to you! Definitely not judging, just not a typical purchase either! Lol
  12. Morbid in the sense of planning your own death! ? I know it is crazy expensive and planning ahead is wise, just not something I am prepared to do! Burry me in a peanut butter jar! Lol
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