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  1. I can’t stop looking at this and thinking about how good the craftsmenship on the woodwork is, quickly trumped by the horrible black wire just laying there. Can’t help but question how much money was invested in this and they couldn’t take the time to run the wires behind the wall or something far more asthetically pleasing??!
  2. More power to you! Definitely not judging, just not a typical purchase either! Lol
  3. Morbid in the sense of planning your own death! I know it is crazy expensive and planning ahead is wise, just not something I am prepared to do! Burry me in a peanut butter jar! Lol
  4. Can’t you just get the XS battery you want and buy the top posts for it so you can swap that factory piece right onto the XS battery?
  5. I am not one to judge, nor taking sides, but I have always had the opinion if your product/services are up to par and deliver what you promise you should never have to stoop to the point of talking negatively about a competitor. Prime example is when getting quotes from contractors and they will talk down on their competition instead of sell you on why they deserve your business. Usually a sign of a business model that won’t last....in MY opinion.
  6. Makes sense, and hell, you can’t compete with a “free” pain job! Lol. Just seems like a ton of spot putty which wouldn’t be needed if they blocked it properly. Work is looking good though! Keep it up
  7. Work looks good, curious though with that much spot putty you used wouldn’t it just be better and have your paint job turn out better hitting the whole thing with high build and blocking it out? Or not that concerned with finished paint job and just looking to get it all decent? looking good!
  8. Realistically speaking cooking some eggs and a slice of wheat toast literally takes 4-7 min.
  9. Cereal is fine if follow what an actual “serving size” is, which in most cases is far less than you assume. If you actually eat a “reasonably” healthy choice....cocoa pebbles or lucky charms isn’t nutritionally worth it and is just an ass load of added sugar. Also the type of milk you choose to use can make that choice significantly more or less healthy
  10. Well protein will actually do a better job of keeping you fuller longer so you could do something like a pretein bar (keeping in mind some are WAY better than others that are basically glorified candy bars) or if you want a quick easy carb you can do overnight oats in your fridge. Just grab and eat cold, or toss in microwave quick to heat up.
  11. Depends on what you are looking to accomplish. Fruit is a great source of easily digestable carbs, or rice, whole grains, etc.
  12. After I dropped all my weight and felt like a limp noodle my focus transitioned to building lean muscle mass and instead of solely doing cardio added in weight training. I have tried a few different meal plan options over the span of the last few years while continuing a healthy dose of cardio and weight training and I have found from a personal standpoint that just sticking to a "clean" diet, and watching my macros has gone way better for how I feel and progress in the gym than any other meal plan I tried. I honestly could only stick to the keto meal plan for roughly 2 months with how zapped my energy felt when I hit the gym. I couldn't finish workouts, I felt exhausted. Pretty much could tell my body was trying to find the fuel that just wasn't there to get through my workouts. I have found (and this is only speaking from a personal basis) that watching my daily protein/carb/fat intake while remaining physically active and hitting the gym has yielded the best results. I feel like my lean muscle mass has increased significantly. My workouts don't feel so draining. My sample set for lifting while doing keto is pretty small....but I noticed such a major difference in shifting away from it. It is a real mess of your mind to wrap around eating more calories and still losing weight, and really hard to get over that mental hurdle, but after I stopped watching calories so much and just ensured I was hitting my macros via eating clean I feel better, feel tons more energy, feel like workouts can actually be enjoyable. So personally I didn't see any pro's to doing the keto thing.
  13. Thanks. Appreciate it, and the kind words. I have it back off the frame and ready for paint as well as assembly, but actually came across my “dream” car at a deal too good to pass up. So currently working on building a 1961 impala convertable. Wrapping the frame is in progress. Just going to be a real clean street car. Actually going a different route and instead of massive amounts of chrome I am going to black the engine out and powder coat all the suspension. Paint color and interior color still TBD, but leaning towards a nice orion silver HOK with mirror black accents. After I finish that beast it will be back to the regal and turing that into more of a show “hopper.” Beat up on it a little and really test the frame on it!!
  14. No sir. Minnesota. Why?