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  1. I prefer head blasted. I do my own duracoat and it makes the prep work a breeze. Manganese phosphate is another finish I like for the same purpose
  2. I have a noveski 10.5" barrel that's going into a Wilson combat upper and lower. This one's gonna be an SBR. Loves me some 300aac
  3. I use a brace for test runs. I changed my mind thanks to shooting with the brace more than a few times. I had a DSA FAL pistol and learned real quick about a super short 308.lol The fireball was dumb. Way too intense to be practical. And for the money I got from it I built 3 ar15s. Then traded them away for other shit...
  4. My brother in law gave me an NHM 90for Christmas! It's a "transitional" gun from the Bush Senior ban. Love me some new AK.lol
  5. 11/23/2015 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations. Action By: House Judiciary Looks like it's moving along, there's no one I can think of who would be able to get in the way. Now let's see Mr Trump side with us 2nd ammendment folk.
  6. Lol, no doubt.I'm cautiously optimistic the Hearing Protection Act will pass. If it does its going to TOTALLY change the suppressor market in this country. I think we will see a lot of under $200 cans come out along with a lot of integrally suppressed guns. I hope no one notices the fact that it's being voted on. Keep the crazies from fucking it up...
  7. I found a Politec underfolder that's getting my eye miss lately. If it's still around after Christmas I am going to try and snatch it up.
  8. https://www.google.com/search?q=pistol+shooting+pie+chart&oq=pistol+shooting+pie+chart&aqs=chrome..69i57.7688j0j4&client=tablet-android-att-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=FZBCgQedsRLgnM%3A Some people say it's nonesense. I say anything helps and the charts are free. I've noticed most people who poo-poo them are "instructors" who rely on your not knowing better. They need you to go to THEM for "instruction" or they don't get paid. Of course, sometimes it's the gun...
  9. I've been needing to consolidate some things and the most effective way"the wife agrees" is to dedicate an entire room to my gun chit. I have boxes of parts. Fucking BOXES of things I've collected and once the new house gets settled I'm going on a building spree.lol A big room is just what the doctor ordered...
  10. I was needing another safe but I am hoding out. We're house shopping right now and wherever we end up is going to have a dedicated room. After a while it's just a room full of safes.lol Might as well do up a vault and be done...
  11. I picked up a couple hungarian 20 round tanker AK mags for 10 bucks each. Found a nice older sporterized Mauser in 8mm. Old ass scope and rings mounted perfectly too. All for about 100. I love old pawnshops!!
  12. Sig is pricey. I've owned a few but never paid anything near retail. Plus, sig mags are fucker expensive compared to a G19. Glock is a proven combat pistol. More and more US folk are using them in shit head land with great sucdess. I am still smitten with my TP9. I've never had any problems beside shitty ammo. Of course I only paid $200.00 new so it's hard not to like the thing.lol
  13. Colt? Not me anymore. An upper is simple to put together. Shop around and save money. There are only a couple of build houses. Most "manufacturers" source their machining out to the same couple of companies and have them badged differently so they can charge more. A good rail will come with the barrel nut tool. A cheap vice block and a torque wrench and voila. I personally am going to the slick sided uppers from S&W. No bulky forward assist or dust cover. Just like Mr Stoner had in mind...
  14. I hope they have some sort of quall. We took away some Pennsylvania NG guns away in Iraq because, from the company commander on down, motherfuckers were dangerous. ND after ND and even a three round burst from a 240b into a comrade.
  15. I have one. The receiver anyway.lol Built a 300sac pistol out of it That was going to be an SBR but I lost the taste. Went with a Wilson combat lower and upper for that. Just gotta do it.lol
  16. 5 deployments here and any time we noticed something missing I would lose my shit. It may be fun to have something someone in combat needs, I guess. Me? I would have given it back...
  17. A bore sight is just to get you on paper. I've used the bullet type and don't remember how well it did but I'm sure it was OK.
  18. N8, I use an Iwata airbrush for duracoat. SLOW going and patients.lol I did it professionally for a couple years and still dabble. SO MUCH FUN.
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