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  1. Go Red Sox. *choke* *choke* lol I think its awesome the Cubs won it though!
  2. You know i thought I emailed that but it was off tonys website. lol I'll try that.
  3. Is there any way to get a vm1 housing? I'm taking mine out of my current build and I glassed it in. Just need a housing.
  4. Well that's badass! super nice truck!! Im in the process of buying an older powerstroke right now. It was to hard to live without a truck.
  5. I think you guys need to stop with the Ouija board our or something. Y'all got demons. Lol
  6. Shameless is like nothing out there that is for sure. Funny as shit though, and plenty of gratuitous nudity.
  7. Feel's good to pay something off early!

  8. Was the AA 3800.1 ever dyno'd? Either I can't YouTube properly or it doesn't exisist

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    2. Pasta Prime

      Pasta Prime

      you guys really didn't like them?

    3. Miguels
    4. jcarter1885


      Yeah people dont like them but they are running one of thier amps. :facepalm:

  9. My purple camel stroked my potato now there's grammar all over the ceiling.
  10. Tacos, tamales, burritos and jalapeno, thy leather donut hole is thou mistress.
  11. I bought one off ebay for my Expedition and followed the programming listed above and it worked just fine.
  12. My grandma who just passed away this June at the age of 100 must have been so amazed at all she had seen. I couldn't imagine what it must have been like to see technology go from nothing to all the crazy awesome things we have today. Not long before she passed she was talking about how it took like 4 days to go from Kenosha to Chicago when she was a kid. It is a great time to be alive and we certainly are having fun with all the badassery we get to play, work, and experiment with.
  13. Took my yearly hearing test for work; no hearing shift. Systems not loud enough. lol

    1. bigmizzle99


      what? I cant hear you.

    2. Carnines


      Get a couple super tweeters and listen to death metal

    3. Pasta Prime

      Pasta Prime

      Two Ft1 are pretty loud but I guess I gotta step up my game. lol

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