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  1. you're the exact same with vehicles taylor...... just get the xl's or whatever like everyone else is saying.....GEEZ
  2. i can vouch for his work after i was in a wreck and i had my whole truck repainted besides hood, roof, and tailgate, i took it to him and we did everything, and i couldnt have been happier! http://www.texastruckscene.com/showthread.php?t=3866
  3. ddm ftw! got me a 55w 5k bi-xenon kit from them and couldnt be any happier!
  4. navi motor - 5.4 4v build that, and get you a built 4r100 out of a navi or lightning and call it a day.
  5. rofl, i could care less, its just not something i like. not hating on any of the builders work, just not something i would have wanted, it is a good build and everything, just not so much for me. rims....haha, thats the last thing i need in life.
  6. what vehicle is it going in? i should be gettin my saz3kd tomorrow to put on my 18" btl fully loaded as well = D
  7. names eric, found steve's forum from ***, decided to join just to see whats happening over here. setup is alpine cde9873, 18" fi btl fully loaded, 6.3 cu ft @ 34hz stock electrical for now, sundown saz300d coming on wednesday.
  8. nick or scott havent been on *** in a while either, probably booked up doing orders. dont worry though just sit back and wait for them to email you back. or just start a thread directed towards him.
  9. pc building is fun, wish i had more money though so i could build a beast desktop though. its time to upgrade for me, still using a p4 = [ and 7600gt card.
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