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  1. Daaaaaaamnn dude! You sure have come a long way since thedays of testing vinyl sticker material inside a 2512 box to gain 0.1 db lol. When those HV amps came out years ago i was wondering who would be the firet few guys to have the balls to use one or two in a setup like this. I like the stetsom amps tho....It was the damndest thing...I was watching tv one day last week and get a knock at my door. Somebody mustve gone online and bought himself 4 of the big bastard Stetsoms a couple weeks back I was super excited until I see you saving tons of $ using those HV amps. But I think Ill be ok. Going to use ur build and all the fun ur gunna be having as inspirstion to get my junk done. The only things Id have done differently would be: 1)the speakers on the roof...but then again u guys dont things differently down there so who am into judge 2) the inner ceiling panel i think will lose some SPL in those pockets on each side. Although inlike the way it looks...and itll be plenty loud anyway so who really cares lol but if u ever decide to try to tune it a bit for bragging rights on the sensor making those pockets a smooth transition would be a sure gain. 3) that concrete floor seems like a great idea now but most people who do them realltb regret it. The best way (and obviously fsr more expensive) is to go to a boat supply company or boat builder and theyll have tons and tons of fiberglass resin and hardener there for cheap cheap. Youll need a fair amount of resin and mix in some play sand from home depot in the mixture for added strength and to make it have more volume. A floor 3 or 4" thick with solid resin and sand mixture wont crack....ever. And is sandable obviously so you could add an extra thin layer of just resin on top without the play sand...and with that resin sanded down to a mirror finish ud surely have an spl gain but have a badass looking floor too. Keep up the good work man
  2. one of my favourites that comes to mind for sure is Hank Veach's f-350. To be honest I like damn near everything that guy builds. Oddly enough, that style of truck that hes currently running is quite possibly what I'd go with IF I ended up building a truck. The fact that its different, AND its an extremely reliable diesel (7.3) which Ive had before and am comfortable working on. Plus those trucks are awfully cheap now. Also, amazingly comfortable and sizable interior. Seats 5 very easily. The 6th person in front is a touch tight but still no big deal. Not too many vehicles out there which could do 160+ while comfortably seating 6 people and could tow a boat at the same time. Heres a few pics of Hanks Truck...its gone through many encarnations... I love how it looks stock on the outside. Absolutely killer. This is his (24) 15s build after he did the full cut. A lot of his previous builds from what I recall, were ported in through the cab window which was removed...so essentially the cab wall was used as a loading wall. But that limits design options so...he went with a full cut.
  3. Finally found the pic I had of Geof Cayemberg's astro with the escalade from end. Ive never seen this in person, but from what Ive heard its absolutely immaculate. Both the van aswell as the build. And the SPL score is a reflection of that. And of course Bob Perillo old van...which ive heard some pretty silly scores in testing but unfortunately couldnt quite replicate them in the lanes. (AAHHHMM 170 burp ahhmm). I love this because not only is it driveABLE...but he infact did drive it everywhere. So....the econoline style vans (particularly the new ones) will be something that I certainly look into if I stick with a van for my build. Id love to be able to rely on a turbo diesel to get the thing moving.
  4. Heres another one that I like....although Ive had my differences with the owner. Particularly that I think some of his SPL claims were complete bullshit. But regardless I love the van because its different than the average astro or caravan. Plus its a regular ported setup too.
  5. Theres an iphone app called cut calculator which will help you figure it out quickly. Orrrrr you could simply do it on paper and figure it out from there. Its VERY simple stuff man. BTW what are the rest of the specs on the wall? And what gear are you using? Personally I dont like building a wall with aeros, I find it to be a huge waste. Tops and Bottoms- (4) 42x25 Sides - (4) 32x25 Baffles and Backs - (4) 42x35 This is doing everything the extremely simply way..double layer everywhere. Double layer baffle only.| 18.05 cubic feet gross Ends up requiring 5 sheets of 4'x8' material for that enclosure. And you'll have a just under 70" of material left on your final sheet. So you could make a third baffle layer with that if you wanted.
  6. thanks for the compliment. This car is my pride and joy. Which is an odd thing to say about a station wagon built in 1981 lol. As for the color a friend was building a mini truck with center drive, gullwing doors, etc back in 2003 and when it came time for paint he tried to get the code for the orange that comes on the Lamborghini Gallardo in particular. We went through a whole bunch of un necessary crap because we couldnt get the paint code from lamborghini bc it was so new. Eventually we did get it right.... So the car is actually a Lamborghini orange that is one of their most sought after colors...and now costs a shit-ton. Ive heard its a $14000 option. The colour itself is known as "ARANCIO BOREALIS PEARL". Its a decent colour, but in sunlight its fucking amazing. Ive never been a bright paint scheme type guy and Im still not. But this colour just works extremely well on this car. Which on a giant rectangular station wagon, the paint will make or break you...along with the wheels and stance. Its worked out quite well. Originally my plan was to use that for my groundpounder build...but I think it would be safer to use something which was designed to carry a load. And then I can use the wagon for peppy little streetcar. Upwards of 1000rwhp. Quick pic for reference.
  7. Looking for ideas on which route to go, Ive made another post about peoples favourite vans. So without cluttering that post, Ive made another here for all the SUVs and trucks with a cut-through or full walk thru which is my favourite. Anywho, Id like to see any pics of your favourite setups. And secondly, would like suggestions on what type of vehicle you think I should use. Which would meet the following criteria: - can be daily driven with the added weight (this can include swapping motors if need be which would likely be the case in an s10 or an astro van for instance) - Relatively affordable initial cost - Ample enclosure volume for a TON of cone area, plus likely up to 30 batteries, many many amps, and of course will need a bit of space left over for groceries (literally) if need be, or for chairs or the car tent when we go to shows. - Ideally not something that has been done over and over. - Has potential to look decent. Thanks for your time
  8. Heres a couple that come to mind. I love any astro/safari with the phantom grille. Some say theyre a bit played out but I love it still. Heres a couple awesome examples. Scottie Johnsons old van and of course Rustys newest encarnation of his van. Geoff Cayumburgh (sorry I fucked your name up royally lol) with the astro with escalade front clip who dominated SM3-4 9 or 10 years ago. Cant find pics of it yet. Of course...Steve Cooks van is probably the #1 most impressive van ever except for it surely wouldnt be a daily driver. But considering how long his record stood for, despite the huge advances in technology. Major props to that guy. Beautiful van.
  9. Im really curious if you guys were going to build a van with a big setup (160+) for demos, to be musical around town etc. The van has to look good and still be very very driveable. What type of van would you use and why? Also would like to know what your favourite vans are that are currently competing or have in the past? Favourite by looks, favourite by their setup, or favourite because a mixture of both. The more pics the merrier.... Thanks for your time
  10. Heres just a couple that I came across....I have many many more. Eric Alexander from Team Livewire...this guy always had awesome shit. 4th and 6th orders way before they were the "cool" thing to do. This one is what I feel to be the MOST UNDERRATED BASSRACE/DEMO VEHICLE IN HISTORY. From my buddy Clay aka The A Team. This was only 8 15s, only 2 200 amp home built alternators, just 4 amps, and only 7 total XS D3100s. Drove from Edmonton Alberta Canada, to Indy Finals and back. About 60 hour round trip. Then did it again the next year. Did I mention it was louder than Steve Mick in all out bassrace ?? This is a pic before tuning and before the loading wall and a few other changes. Mr Perillo 168.7db daily driven for years...bassraced 160+ Peter Augustinjnen (spelling is off im sure) from Belgium. Long time street competitor who did ridiculous numbers such as 162+ in street C...switched to SS5+ one year and built this monster. 169.7db in a terra without all the bugs worked out. Crazy potential. Thats 6 Cactus 12s btw with 12 Cactus K9 for power. TVE Sound Systems who were Euro guys also...I think from Belgium too but I could be wrong. This setup did 169.7db its first year out while having some enclosure issues. Im not sure if it ever broke 170 but it most definitely had the potential to do so. And gotta love that glass enclosure. Not plexi or lexan....it was actual Glass. This one is different...never seen this idea before. The simplicity of this setup looks great to me...looks to be built well. This thing is all over youtube. Its a yukon and the dudes name is Kevin I think. He runs 6 Fi SP4 15s and 12 AB 150.1s but I really like how the enclosure has those huge roundovers going horizontally...but then it has the same size roundovers running vertically for the actual port just infront. Looks badass. Very different. And lastly probably my favourite setup in the last several years...just because I love tunnel walls. Apparently this guy has since ripped it out of the truck and built something different already but I loved this thing...and it was loud as fuck. 162+ at 30hz. Running 30 Sundown SA 12s and only 2 NS-1s. Unbelievable!! Guys name on forums is Skillz and he represents Team Sundown Russia.
  11. That was one of my favourites from when I was in high school. Loved that one.
  12. This should be a fun thread if it gets going. Post pics of your favourite wall setups TO YOU. It could be something all airbrushed molded fiberglass that only does 150db....or an ugly ass SPL type setup that is loud as shit and you simply like the physics of it. It just has to be a wall. Post up your favourites.. LETS SEE EM!!
  13. Same was the case for speakers and subwoofers before too and now look at how the market has changed with more powerful, handmade woofers from smaller companies being the cream of the crop now. Anybody talking about how badass their W7 is, is clearly stuck in 2002 lol
  14. you dont want to weld them.....you want to use a big block machine it with a lathe/mill or saw.
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