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  1. Batteries are only meant to be cycled a certain amount of times in total. In my experience they will not accept as much of a charge as they get older. But also, with a brand new battery that has NEVER seen alternator charging, one can train them to sit in the low-mid 14s without much trouble for 20-30 minutes after charger is off. Ever notice, most of the loudest street class SPL cars in the world are never seen running?? BC charging the batt with the alternator prevents a battery from being properly trained by a charger. The loudest street class SPL cars are trailer queens.
  2. Youll gain quite a bit if you make your enclosure shorter. Right at the window line is where its loudest, with the box pushed back even with the cargo hooks on the floor. Also, with your batteries there you are choking the airflow in my opinion. Aaaaand you can put a big 3100 under the hood no problem.
  3. I knew this was coming....just a matter of when during the season he was going to let the score out. Imagine if he would have used an astro for bassrace like most of the other heavy hitters out there....just sayin. Team Black Cock ftw! Congrats buddy
  4. depends what year explorer you have. The loud explorers (2nd gens) you dont want to go above 22s. I had 20s on mine with a drop and it drove great. 22s would have looked a bit better but would have had a more harsh ride. For a newer model youll want bigger tho
  5. 98295 level 4 15 level 4 18 xl 15 xl 18 7.5k 9k 12k 175.4 thanks
  6. Doin a glass dash right now in my wagon. Lookin for pics of setups that you;ve come across....either your own or other peoples. Lookin for as many ideas as I can get. Particularly G-body rides if possible. cutlass, regal, grand national, monte carlo, malibu, grand prix, el camino etc Thanks
  7. me too....we should all organize a trip to fly down. Would be so much cheaper than the long drives like you're used to.
  8. you run a volt higher because your alt charges much better when its cold. dense air is more so from humidity than temperature. a cold alt charges better but a hot battery works better. for me the only thing the heat/cold or elevation affected was my peak frequency. My score stayed the same providing I burped the correct frequency. Luckily in my explorer I was able to make a general graph plotting the temperature inside the cab of my truck vs the peak frequency and had it pretty dialed in. At one of our big 2x competitions in 2007 i started burping at 9 am to test and get a bassline because I was trying to break 155 for the first time ever by a street vehicle in canada. But as time went on and the hours passed my score kept decreasing....this was with a solid 5-8 min between burps on 25 amp charge so the batts were perfect. Turned out the temperature kept climbing from a cold morning to over 35 degrees (100farenheit) by the time I qualified at around 2pm. And I had my score dialed in at 155.2 but it had gone slowly up one freq at a time from 47 hz all the way to 52 hz and by the time I went to burp I only managed a 154.9 because my peak had gone all the way up to 53 hz obviously. Running the AC will cool down the interior yes but at the expense of your batt and electrical system. Not worth it IMO. Unless ur an extreme or super street competitor running your own AC unit to control cab temperature. Those guys have their temperatures and frequencies so dialed in its scary! Atleast I know the Riprock twins do...I assume others do aswell
  9. definitely use as much cone area as you can. 6 12 for sure over the 4. Then you need to decided what ur goals are with the setup...if you want SPL or it to play sick lows or both. You probably dont have enough room for a good bandpass to work so you're going to have to stick with a regular ported enclosure. If you do a drivers side port the closer to the b pillar you get the outter most port wall the louder it will be. You'll also be louder if you build the enclosure with a slight bend in it to contour with the B pillar rather than straight up and down. This is the type of bend im talking about. Port on B pillar will be louder SPL wise and give you more room to lay your seat back aswell as the driver because you essentially will be leaning back into the port. But a centerport can also be loud it just needs to be tuned using other key areas to make them loud than a conventional drivers port. And a centerport will look more symmetrical. Up to you really. Another thing to think about is that a center port also typically plays better with the doors/windows open than a drivers port will.
  10. higher tuning should definitely get you to a 150..unless you were using a large suv and a box in the cargo area where the resonant frequency is still in the low 40hz range. then there might not be enough gap between the resonant freq and your 27hz note to make the 150...but would be very close and could be easily worked on and achieved
  11. thats what i was going to say. aeroport port area is quite different than ur average slot port port area
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